repairing a long island metal \"man-shed\" piano hinge

by:DIgao     2020-08-16
The photos I provided are very close.
The cabin I am repairing is as high resolution as the model at the bottom and middle of the picture above.
These sheds are not like your average carpenter.
Mini wooden tile buildinghouses. They are pre-
Made of steel.
In this case, the door was torn off the hinge of the piano.
The doors on these sheds are made of two layers of steel.
When in pure cold the steel itself is not so hard
Steel form.
Before bending, the structural strength of this steel is very small.
The appearance of the \"panel\" or \"ridge\" in the steel structure in the picture above?
Not just for appearance.
These folds are where the strength of steel is obtained.
The doors on these sheds require greater strength, so they are made of two layers of steel, both of which are stamped with different patterns to provide rigidity.
There are a few stamped on the back of the door-
The steel \"sticks\" on the top and bottom edges are the same way you build wooden doors, and a few planks are placed on the top and bottom edges of the doors to reinforce the wooden doors.
This is the same concept.
Once all the bending and dislocation. . .
The original structure of the hinge side of the door was destroyed.
In this article, I describe the process I used to fix it. The close-
The high quality photos of the hinge edges I provide are critical to anyone who wants to do a similar fix.
They provide individuals with the idea of the final result.
Because in these people
The hinge is indeed \"broken\" in the shed \".
But they are actually recoverable.
I just wish I had taken some pictures of the original mess of the door so that you can compare the state of this hinge before and after.
Steel is damaged, twisted, deformed, torn holes in the field-
The Weld has come out in a mixed color of blue and rust.
After returning the door to normal.
The entire metal shed is processed into high quality oil
Paint Shield.
The cabin that was finally restored was very clean and usable.
I expect this shed will take a few more years.
These are my favorite things.
The friend I used in my family told me another friend that he had a \"man steel shed\" that needed to be repaired or he would have to tear it down and get a new garden cabin
So I go and see, look, this is a problem that I can fix for this guy.
We hang out here, Bake burgers, eat hot dogs and work in the hot sun. Great Days. . .
It\'s fun for me. . .
He has an iron man.
The cottage and the door hanging on the piano --
Hinges along the entire length (
A metal door 5 feet high)
It was badly damaged and was about to fall off the hinge of the piano.
When he told me about it, I imagined running to Home Depot to get three straps.
Hinge, replace the damaged piano hinge with 3 new hinges.
But when I got there to check the cottage, the work changed completely.
I decided to be a pig.
Mind, stubborn, strong, and force the piano
Show your own hinge.
To tell the truth, the door of the small metal shed is in a mess.
The door hinge is a piano hinge that runs through the entire length of the door.
It is still connected (barely)
, At the bottom of the door by a piano hinge 4 inch long.
There are 2 or 3 on site
The Weld still holds the mess together, it \"ties\" the door to the shed as a hinge/fulcrum of rotation.
Whenever the door is opened or closed, the abused metal is bent.
Hinges no longer work at all.
What happened, yes, the door-
The hinges began to rust two or three years ago.
Then Hurricane Sandy hit our area.
Soon, the hinge was completely frozen after being exposed to salt water.
However, it is made of metal and it is easy to open or close the door.
They would grab the handle, pull it, and the entire area where the hinge attached to the door would \"bend\" like the hinge. . . sorta.
Until the material works-
Hard and began to split.
The door consists of two layers of plastic steel.
So, because I am the kind of person who likes to solve a small problem. (
When I used to work in Home Depot, I did hardware and enjoyed the interaction with various customers with completely different needs).
I like to give advice to people who have problems.
Normally a customer will come back to me, thank me, report success, like a broken sun --
The roof crank and chain, or something like that.
In any case, the man also needs to solve his metal door problem.
It is still attached to the shed, but only at the bottom of the metal door, with only one or two points --
Still keep its weld.
The door used to have something like 10 or 12-welds.
After watching it again, I told the owner that I could fix it for him and I would start right away.
So we burned the grill in the backyard. . .
Go to work.
It turns out that repairing the hinge itself is an effort of will, and it can be repaired mechanically and hung properly.
I think some people are just not strong enough or stubborn enough to force the metal back to normal function. . .
There\'s a little WD-
40 refueling and waiting time, and a little working time to clamp the hinge and loosen the hinge with pliers.
Until the whole 5-
The piano is closed and operated correctly again.
Once the hinge is operated correctly, then, re-
The suspension of the metal door began. Use some self
I hit the hex head screw and started \"patching\" the torn metal.
The door frame consists of two layers of steel.
So I had to slide the piano hinge between the two layers.
The problem is that all metals are distorted, bent and hardened by the residents.
You see, when the door on their body starts to rust, they are actually able to open and close the door.
However, when the hinge is scattered, the \"way\" of the door opening is not opened by the hinge. . .
Instead, bend the steel plate at the hinge.
So, I started \"patching\" the crack by roughly putting the door in place, and I made sure it was square inside the door frame.
And several self-tapping screws were used just to roughly set the door in the appropriate size. Good so far.
It seems that my door is basically lined up.
The metal on the hinge side has been completely abused and bent.
So, in order to start straighten things out, I fixed the screws to the metal on the hinge side.
I \"patch\" the door by screwing and not screwing
Then screw again
Screw it a few times and slowly get it back into shape. . .
Finally, prepare the final \"metal-stitching\". . .
I only open the screws in a few places at the top of the door ,(
Most of the hinges are not. screwed).
I had to temporarily wedge the small \"gasket\" under the edge of the heavy metal door \".
I am preparing a very \"heavy\" route --adjustment. And for THAT. . .
I need a very big \"hammer \".
So I caught a coal slag.
A piece of 2x4 wood is used as a \"mat \".
Half way open the metal door
Make sure the hinges are fully aligned with all base metals (
Hinge and rear edge of the door-frame)-
And where it must be. . .
In general, the door is \"pulled out\"
Half an inch too far from the hinge side.
The door needs to be \"open\" around 1/2 \".
I mean, even if the door is square with the opening and is aligned in a basic straight line with the entire shed, it still doesn\'t close properly.
The door consists of two pieces of metal. . .
The metal on the back edge is highly distorted.
I had to \"insert\" the edge of the piano hinge between two sheets of paper and encountered resistance.
It flashes after the \"square\" door, so it is \"horizontal. . .
It is \"in place\" and ready to go into use. . .
With a heavy hammer
I asked a friend to lean 2x4 blocks against the lock (
Opposite hinge-edge)of the door. Told him . . . . . . . . . . . . . \"Don\'t Move\". . .
Dumped coal slag.
Fight against 2x4 in a very \"solid\" and strong swing. \"BANG ! ! ! \" -
Push the door firmly onto the piano hinge and sink the door back, which is the extra 1/2 I need to properly close the door and lock the buckle.
Now, I can do something more subtle.
Clean and paint.
If I had a MIG welder, the only thing I would have changed would be better. . .
If I had a MIG welder, I would have welded the metal again.
In this case, the self
Hex head screw (
1/4 heads)should suffice.
I prefer to weld it because the door is also welded.
But I think we are \"good\" here in the next few years.
I warned home. Simple owners. . .
Occasionally \"refuel the hinge \".
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