Renewable metal coat hooks to distinguish method

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
。 See color color the more light, Even colorless transparent) , with the broader, the higher the rank. A variety of other colour such as white, adjustable, also can go back to white product, same price is also high. The second is the needs of the product, joined a variety of ingredients in raw material. 。 The CaC ( Powder) Content CaC content, the lower grade, the more the lower the price. From the macroscopic point of view, the product is not bright, matt ( Inferior smooth except) The CaC content more, also from the handle will feel heavy, burn, the part will be red after quenched burning into ashes. Also, pay attention to the enhancement ( The glass fiber) Products, can use to enhance the product only PA, PBT, PP, etc. Several, the price is not high. There are several kinds of metal materials, the current domestic sales only a ABS + PC, others are not. According to the proportion of raw materials ( Density) To determine the mixed material can recycle, problems at present most is ABS and PS mix, PC and PMMA mixed, PVC sheet stock ( It is) . See renewable metal clothes wall hook sexual pure impure material is pure, the higher the level; Material is not pure, low grade, even no one want to some mutual mixing raw material. 。 And scrap metal clothes wall hook wall hook scrap metal is the difference between a direct metal clothing products crushed into powder or granular, still can distinguish what is the material, such as injection molding, wire drawing, or film, and so on. And reworked material is recycle don't know how many times can not accurately distinguish what thing, can only be graded according to cycle the number of how many don't, at least the start of a special, primary and secondary points like this
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