removing stains from your wood furniture is not difficult

by:DIgao     2020-08-12
If you want your wood furniture to last for a long time, then you just have to do some maintenance along the way.
Over time, even the most expensive furniture will be slightly damaged.
When you know how to remove stains and marks, and even scratches, it\'s not difficult to restore it to a new state.
The approach discussed here will eliminate all unwanted flaws.
Have you ever received those disturbing white rings when wet glass is placed on your good wood furniture?
With the basic application of some household items, white rings will become history.
These items can be olive oil, vegetable oil, Vaseline, mayonnaise and some non-hardening.
The water leaves a white ring, but with the application of some household products such as olive oil, you can rub some on the ring, leave it in the evening, and then rub the ring with a soft cloth in the morning.
Wood putty is a serious damage to the wood.
If there is serious damage to the wood, such as severe scratches or scars, then non-wood putty
Just make it hard.
Make sure the putty matches the color of the wood and is used in the direction of the product.
If there is something very hot on the wood that causes burns, then applying some lemon juice in the same way as oil will remove the stain.
Sometimes a wet newspaper or a wet grocery is placed on a wooden table, and if it dries, there will be a pile of paper residue, as if it were glued to the top of the table.
This is a real pain unless you use some baby oil.
Put the oil on paper and leave it until the evening.
The next day you can rub the area gently and the paper is easily removed without the need for elbow grease.
Smoking at home can cause a layer of nasty nicotine to pile up on your furniture, especially on all your wooden surfaces.
To wash off this tan film, you can wash it clean.
It\'s not a healthy thing in your home and it\'s not attractive.
A little gentle care can solve the problem.
Add a minute cup of vegetable oil to a gallon of clear warm water.
Take two tablespoons of baking soda and let it dissolve in the mixture when stirring.
Then gently scrub the wood on the furniture with a soft and clean cloth at a time until the entire area is cleaned.
When you are working, wash the cloth frequently and keep it fresh.
At any time, you feel that there is a sticky area on the wood, which means that the collection of dirt, nicotine and accumulated wax is slowly disappearing.
It may be necessary to re-apply in the sticky area until they are smooth and clean again.
Experts say it\'s better to clean the furniture with clean warm water, or use solution vegetable oil and baking soda every week to keep your wooden furniture looking like new.
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