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by:DIgao     2020-08-06
Oscar Pistorius\'s lawyer read the athlete\'s affidavit to the judges of the Pretoria court at the bail hearing.
The athlete was upset and could not read the statement himself.
The 26-year-old is accused of murdering 29-year-old Stephen Kamp MS in February 14. The seven-
The representative of Pistorius subsequently published a page document.
It lists what the athlete thinks about the event and why he should be released on bail.
The affidavit of Pistorius wrote: \"I, the signatory hereby sworn and declared: 1.
I am an adult male and a South African citizen with an identity number xxxxxxxxx. 2.
I am the applicant for this application and in this application I seek relief from this honorable court for bail.
As I will prove here, I respectfully believe that I am on bail for the benefit of justice.
In any case, given the special facts here, the demands of fairness and justice guarantee that I should not be deprived of my liberty and that I should be released on bail. 3.
I made this affidavit out of my own free will and withdrew it without any undue influence. 4.
The facts contained here, in addition to clearly indicating the opposite, are true and correct within my personal knowledge and beliefs. 5.
The purpose of this affidavit is to provide my personal circumstances to the above honorable court and to resolve the charges against me (
As far as I know, they)
, As well as addressing the factors to be taken into account by the court of respect mentioned above in section 60 (4)to 60(9)of the Act. 6.
I was told that I knew it was my duty to prove that the benefit of justice allowed me to be released and that I was obliged to make this application.
I don\'t understand how I could have been charged with murder, not to mention premeditated murder, as I have no intention of killing my girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp (“Reeva”).
However, I will bring some factors to the honorable court to show that it is in the judicial interest to allow me to bail. 7.
I declare that the state will not be able to state any objective facts about my implementation of planned or premeditated murder.
Therefore, I will deal with the events that occurred that night in accordance with this agreement.
Objective facts do not refute my claim because it is a fact. 8.
I am a professional athlete and live in XXX Silver Forest Manor, Silver Lake Avenue, Pretoria. 9.
I was born in Johannesburg on November 22, 1986.
I have lived in South africa (“the RSA”)
Although I often go abroad for international sporting events, I see South Africa as my permanent place of residence.
I have no intention of moving to any other country because I love my country. 10.
I own real estate in South Africa, including the following: 10.
1 real estate I currently live in, XXXXX, Silver Lake, Pretoria (
\"Residential \").
The value of the property is about R5 ($A546,100)
The amount guaranteed by the mortgage bond is about R2 million. 10.
2 The other two properties located within XXXXX Pretoria East, which have a combined value of approximately R1, 6 million.
These two attributes combine to aggregate values of about R1 million. 10.
3 A vacant booth in XXXXX, West Cape Province, worth about R1, 7 million.
There is no mortgage on this property. 11.
I have movable assets consisting of home furniture and furniture, cars and jewelry, worth more than R500 000,00. 12.
Although I also have friends abroad, my friends and family live in RSA. 13.
At the moment, my professional career offers me about £ 6 million a year. 14.
I have more than R1 million cash investments in various banks within RSA. 15.
I have never been convicted either in RSA or elsewhere.
The South African Police Department, except for the present time, has no pending cases in which I have been investigated (“SAPS”). 16.
1 My legal representative has explained the provisions of section 60 (11)
This is the case for me.
I would like to make the following comments in this regard: 16.
I was told that I was charged with murder.
I deny the above allegations in the strongest terms. 16.
3. I was told that I did not have to deal with the merits of the case for the purpose of the bail application.
However, I think it is appropriate to deal with the merits of this application, especially given the state\'s belief that I plan to murder Reeva.
There is nothing further than the truth, and I have no doubt that it is impossible for the state to put forward objective facts to confirm such allegations because there is no substance in the allegations.
I do not know what different facts can be premised on the charges of premeditated murder, and I respectfully request the state to provide me with the facts of such charges so that I can refute them. 16.
On February 13, 2013, Reeva will go out with her friends and I will go out with my friends.
Then Reeva called me and asked us to stay at home at night.
I agreed and we would love to have a quiet dinner together at home.
At around 22 on February 13, 2013, we were in the bedroom.
She is doing yoga. I watch TV in bed.
I lost my prosthetic leg.
I am very happy that we love each other deeply.
I know she feels the same way.
She gave me a Valentine\'s Day gift but only asked me to open it the next day. 16.
After Reeva finished yoga, she went to bed and both of us fell asleep. 16.
I know very well that the intruder is committing a violent crime in order to commit a crime, including a violent crime, and the person who enters the family is committing a violent crime.
I received death threats before.
I used to be a victim of violence and burglary.
For this reason I put my gun, 9mm Parabellum under my bed while I was sleeping at night. 16.
I woke up early in the morning of February 14, 2013 and walked to the balcony to bring in the fan and close the sliding doors, blinds and curtains.
I heard the sound in the bathroom and realized that someone was in the bathroom. 16.
I felt a horrible feeling coming to me.
There was no security bar on the bathroom window and I knew the contractor working at my house left the ladder outside.
Although I don\'t have a prosthetic limb, I have the ability to move on my stump. 16.
I believe someone has entered my house.
I was too scared to turn on the lights. 16.
I grabbed my 9mm pistol from under the bed.
On my way to the bathroom, I screamed a few words to the effect of getting him/them out of my house and getting Reeva to call the police.
The bedroom was dark and I thought Reeva was in bed. 16.
I noticed that the window in the bathroom was open.
I realized that the intruder was in the toilet because the door of the toilet was closed and I didn\'t see anyone in the bathroom.
I heard something in the toilet.
The toilet is in the bathroom with a separate door. 16.
It filled me with fear and fear of the intruders in the toilet.
I think he or they must have come in from unprotected Windows.
Since I don\'t have a prosthetic limb and feel very vulnerable, I know I have to protect Reeva and myself.
I believe we will be in serious danger when intruders come out of the toilet.
I felt stuck when my bedroom door was locked, and my stump action was limited. 16.
I shot at the door of the toilet and shouted to Reva to call the police.
She didn\'t respond, I moved out of the bathroom backwards and stared at the bathroom entrance.
Everything in the bedroom was dark and I was still afraid to turn on the lights.
No response from Reeva. 16.
When I got to bed, I realized that Reeva was not in bed.
Then I realized that Reeva was probably in the toilet.
I went back to the bathroom and called her name.
I tried to open the door to the toilet but it was locked.
I rushed into the bedroom, opened the sliding door that came out of the balcony and screamed for help. 16.
I put on my prosthesis and ran back to the bathroom trying to kick the door of the toilet.
I think I must have turned on the light.
I went back to the bedroom and grabbed my cricket stick and slammed the door of the toilet.
One or several boards broke down and I found the key on the floor and opened the door.
Reva fell, but still alive. 16.
I struggled to pull her out of the toilet and pulled her into the bathroom.
I called John Stanton. “Stander”)
He was involved in the administration of the estate and asked him to call the ambulance.
I called Netcare for help.
I went downstairs to open the front door. 16.
17 I went back to the bathroom to pick up Reeva because I was told not to wait for the caregiver but to take her to the hospital.
I carried her downstairs in order to take her to the hospital.
On my way to Stander.
The doctor who lives in the complex also came.
Downstairs I tried to help Reeva as much as I could, but she died in my arms. 16.
I am very ashamed of the events and devastating losses of my beloved Reva.
In hindsight, I believe Reeva went to the toilet when I went out to bring the fan.
Thinking of the pain I brought to her and her family, I couldn\'t stand it because I knew how much she loved her.
I also know that the events of that tragic night, as I have described, I have no doubt, in due course, that the police and expert investigators would confirm this. 17.
I will be on trial if it is against me. I am a well-
International athletes, as we all know, I wouldn\'t even think of not accepting my trial, if any.
I believe in the legal system in South Africa and it will prove that I have not murdered Reeva. 18.
In order to convince the honorable court mentioned above that I should be released on bail, I provide the following supplementary facts and information under Article 60 of the act. 19.
I do not know the identity of any witness the state relies on to prove the charges against me.
In any event, I have no intention of interfering with any witnesses, because I have no reason to do so and I promise not to do so. 20.
I have a good relationship with people and I have no grudge against anyone. 21.
As mentioned, I have not convicted before and I have not been released on bail until any charges. 22.
I don\'t like violence. 23.
I would like to say that the above facts support my argument that I do not constitute a risk of flight. 24.
I have two South African passports and they are full.
I need my passport to compete overseas, but I am willing to hand over my passport to the investigating officer if it is a condition of bail.
I do not have any other travel documents and undertake not to apply for them until they are finalized. 25.
I did not try to escape after shooting.
Instead, I admit that stand would contact the police and I stayed at the scene. 26.
I will be able to raise the appropriate bail. 27.
I do not know that there may be any material of evidence against my allegations.
In any case, I believe that whatever this evidence is, it is in the hands of the police;
It\'s safe and I can\'t get in.
I promise not to interfere with any further investigation. 28.
I am not sure which witnesses the state will rely on to prove the charges against me.
Nevertheless, I promise not to communicate with any witness, whoever he or she is, and any other person whose name may appear on the \"National witness\" list, provided by the state. 29.
My continued imprisonment will only harm my interests and will not be of any benefit to the state. 30.
I would like to say that if I am released on bail, my release will not disrupt public order or compromise the normal functioning of the criminal justice system. 31.
I will comply with the conditions that may be desired to be imposed by the above-mentioned honorable court. 32.
Therefore, I believe that the interests of justice, the consideration of prejudice and the balance of their respective interests are in the interest of my bail.
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