Rare metal can make metal handle?

by:DIgao     2020-07-29
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I suddenly thought of a question can make rare metal hardware shake handshandle, last time we had already introduced the rare metal.
reported that computer, rechargeable batteries and hybrid cars, the device, gaming devices, GPS system, used in the daily life of almost every technology involves at least one of these rare metal elements.

state of restrictions in terms of rare metal mining and the export restrictions, rare metal since is the strategic resources in the country, should establish national strategic reserve system on the level of, only the restricted category for export and that for mining is not good for long-term strategic resource reserve construction, should also be starting from the actual situation of local governments and various enterprises, formulate the corresponding supporting policies, such as the collection and storage of rare metals, on the one hand can make up these resources reserves, on the other hand can also improve product prices, to ensure that the local government revenue and profit source of enterprises, only the corresponding supporting policies, to make the strategic resource reserve to carry out from top to bottom.
we can guess can do metal shake handshandle, rare metal is still is too high a price to pay.
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