putting a designer’s polish on ikea products

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When designer Alsun Keogh started renovating the SoHo loft for a young bachelor last fall, she took him to visit the kitchen design Temple in Manhattan, including Boffi, poggen
They enjoyed the sliding of drawers;
They stroked the counter and carefully studied the design details for every minute.
\"I like this,\" he said \'. \"
Keogh with Nusla Design.
\"I\'ll think, \'This is a $100,000 kitchen.
This can be a bit more for someone who can\'t cook.
When her client hesitates,
Keogh starts looking for other options.
She found a young Danish company, Reform, on the Internet, with clever money.
Savings Solutions-cabinet doors, panels and counters designed by some of the world\'s most important architects can be used to disguise Ikea\'s budget interior.
It promises to provide designer kitchens with premium finishes at a fraction of the usual cost.
Bjarke Ingels Group has oak cabinet doors with similar seats (BIG)
, Henning Larsen Architects doors made of wood and thick copper, and doors made of smoked oak or copper by Norm Architects.
The price in front of most doors or drawers is between $100 and $300. Ms.
Keogh designed the basic shape of 130square-
Using Ikea\'s home planning tools, walk the kitchen online and visit the Ikea store at the Brooklyn Red Hook to make sure she has all the necessary components.
Orders for cabinet boxes and hardware, including electric push rod opener and internal lights, are available for about $1,600.
She sent her kitchen drawings to reform and chose the company\'s most expensive option-the bronze door of the nom architect, paired with concrete counters with waterfall edges and integrated sinks.
The cabinet front, toe kick and panel with integrated refrigerator drawer and dishwasher costs about $5,000.
A cabinet bank and an island counter cost about $8,500.
The resulting appearance and other high
Designer kitchen, Lady
Keogh said, but in terms of prices, \"it\'s a huge difference.
Estimates from other companies range from $40,000 to $80,000.
The focus of reform is not just Ikea hacking. it-
You redesign the use of Ikea products yourself to meet other features, but definitely an upmarket upgrade-call it Ikea jewelry.
It is one of many companies that build their business around the idea of making Ikea products more aesthetically diverse and attractive.
Others that provide doors for Ikea kitchens, no big reforms-
Including semi-handmade Dunsmuir Cabinets and Kokeena.
For furniture, companies like Sweden\'s Bemz are making beautiful sofa covers with designers
Upscale fabric for Ikea sofas and chairs.
In the fall of 2014, jepe kristenson and Michael Anderson created reforms in Copenhagen.
Both had sold custom kitchens and saw a hole in the middle of the market between basic and bank-account-Burn options.
\"When you do the kitchen, you know the dilemma-Ikea is of good quality and the rest are designed but expensive,\" he said . \"
Anderson, standing in the reformed New York showroom, opened in a space near the Brooklyn Navy shipyard, gray and white.
Ikea uses the same Blum hinges, drawer slides and other hardware as many high-end products
High-end kitchen manufacturers, he added. Inevitably, Mr.
\"We will tell the client that you can save half if you use Ikea\'s body, and we just skin it,\" says Chris Tenson.
The original idea started here.
\"Realize that there is a bigger business opportunity than producing a few --
Outside the kitchen, they discussed the concept of reform with beer and quickly compiled a list of three collaborators representing their Danish design Dream team: BIG, Henning Larsen and Norm.
\"We never thought they \'d say yes . \"Andersen said.
But they did, and the reform introduced the first architect.
Collection designed in August 2015. (
The company also offers a design in-house).
In 2015, the company sold about 200 kitchens, 500 last year, and is expected to sell 1,000 to homeowners in more than 20 countries this year.
Said Chris Tenson.
Sales of the reforms are about 10% in the United States.
The company has recently expanded into the furniture space, including a folding page designed by the Swedish company afterroom with groove doors inside Ikea.
It also introduces more kitchen designs including a full
Height Gray handle and railing by Danish designer Chris L.
Halstrom, another aluminum line integrated by Berlin
The architect of segerlarsen.
Another new kitchen design for restaurant owner Klaus Meyer and his wife Christine Meyer Benson is scheduled to roll out this fall.
So far, with the exception of a letter from a company lawyer, the founders have had little contact with Ikea.
\"This is the best letter written by their lawyer, which says, \'It doesn\'t matter, you can do anything, just remember that we have a registered trademark ,\'\"
Said Chris Tenson. (
Now, there is a statement on the website of Reform indicating that the company is not affiliated with Ikea).
In fact, Ikea seems to be actively encouraging other companies to develop products that expand their core product range.
As Marty Marston, Ikea\'s public relations manager, said: \"The development of other companies in our concepts and scope proves the strength of our quotation and meets the desire of our customers to be personalized. We welcome co-
Ikea offers more creative ideas.
\"In April, the company launched Delaktig, the concept of its convertible bed --
Sofa designed by British designer Tom Dixon, inviting outside companies to make add-onsons.
For prototypes, Ikea works with Bemz from Brown-
Black Icelandic sheepskin.
Leslie Pennington, founder of Bemz, likened Delaktig covers to \"advanced customization \".
\"Her company has more than 300 fabrics, including some used by professional interior designers such as the designers association and Romo\'s textiles.
More than 100 models of Ikea furniture can be ordered, with sofa covers starting at $99, well above $1,000.
\"Our customers can take a piece of quality-
Market furniture and create something personal and unique, \"she said.
Pennington notes that Bemz sells between £ 3,000 and £ 5,000 a month to clients in 42 countries.
\"We have beautiful cotton, linen and velvet.
Some people buy Ikea sofas for the first time because they have the opportunity to buy covers from Bemz.
Ikea has sales of more than 35 billion euros (
About $42 billion)
She became ubiquitous in fiscal 2016.
Penington believes that the emergence of companies like reform and Bemz has some similarities with the developers of iPhone applications.
\"The whole ecosystem of Ikea products is very unique in the furniture industry, but we have seen it in the technology industry for a long time,\" she said . \"
Pennington worked at Apple before Bemz was founded.
Just as app developers have given new features to the iPhone, these furniture companies have also given Ikea\'s utility products an unforeseen sense of fashion in an affordable package.
She said the combination of high and low costs
Pennington, \"talked about the future of design.
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