pc hardware best buy guide: december 2017

by:DIgao     2020-06-22
Are you going to make a gaming PC this Christmas?
Maybe you\'re planning an upgrade?
I have something perfect for you-
A regular Buyer\'s Guide for PC enthusiasts, covering the best hardware to buy on a range of budgets.
The guide will cover each PC component, weighing your options against your requirements and the amount you want to spend.
Whether you want a dedicated gaming platform, a good one
Round or super
Budget system, I have chosen the hardware that will allow you to build a balanced system and will not put too much money into one component, resulting in potential bottlenecks.
Now is also a good time to buy as there are sales and discounts and we don\'t expect any major hardware releases by 2018.
I will cover all the latest hardware from companies like AMD, nvidia and Intel, as well as chassis and cooling, and will release as many new guidelines as possible to consider new hardware.
I will post new guides on a regular basis, so look at the space. Thelow-end Gamer PC -
Best game performance (1080 p)Intel)
Intel Core i3 8100$130)MSI Z370-A Pro($104. 99)Or. . . Lowest price (AMD)
: AMD Ryzen 3 x ($128. 98)ASRock A320M-DGS($49. 99)
Rest: Memory: Corsair 8 gb DDR4 (2 x 4GB)
Revenge LPX 3000 MHz ($109. 99)
Graphics Card: PNYGeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB ($159. 99)
Case: Thermaltake 22)$32. 96)
Power supply: Corsair VS400 ($29. 99)
Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper T2 ($16. 99)
Storage: 250 GB Silicon power supply 240 gb ssd ($69. 99)
Intel system: $654.
90AMD system: $598.
90 System Summary: AMD\'s dispute with Intel has been a $100 advantage in Core i3-processors
8100 and Ryzen 3 x.
As you can see in my comments on both, amd cpu is at the top of many benchmarks, but in the game Intel is doing better.
However, the AMD Ryzen cpu has a cheaper motherboard and soI has recommended Intel and AMD here, depending on your budget, if you want the maximum game performance, or a decent gaming platform where the hardware is compatible with AMD or Intel CPU and motherboard options.
At the moment, dd4 memory is very expensive, but I will still stick with the 8 gb kit, even if the budget is low, because I often see that even the basic system uses more than 4 gb.
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is a great budget card for 1080 p games.
GTX 1050 still offers reasonable 1080 p performance if you want to save some cash and don\'t mind turning down the settings.
I used the Focus G case for fractal design in a recent magazine topic, and I was surprised by what you got for around $70.
However, to save more cash, Corsair\'s Carbide 100R costs less than $50, but I chose a cheaper option --
And vice versa. It\'s a no-
But if your budget is very tight, it\'s a compromise-worthy solution so you can put more cash into the hardware.
The AMD or Intel version of this product does not require more than 300 watts of power, so the VS400 power supply for Corsair is good.
Again, both CPUs are really cool.
Run, so you don\'t need to spend a lot of money on cooling, and the Hyper T2 of the Cooler Master is perfect.
Finally, the storage problem.
Personally, I always have an SSD for my OS and games-
The hard drive is noticeably slower in all respects.
However, $70 can only get 250 GB of SSD, and WD blue hard drive can be selected for only $40 to get 500 GB of space.
95, $29 cheaper than the system price.
It depends on how much space you need, but I suggest you go to the SSD and add a hard drive to get more space if you need it, unless you absolutely need to keep the price below $600. Mid-Range gamer -
Intel Core i3-1080 p and 1440 p high frame rate gaming cpu8350K($184. 90)
Motherboard: gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra gaming ($139. 99)
Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 Game 6 gb acx 2. 0 (264. 99)
Memory: Corsair 8 gb DDR4 (2 x 4GB)
Revenge LPX 3000 MHz ($109. 99)
Storage: The key MX300 525 gb m. 2 SSD($139. 98)
Case: Corsair Carbide 100R ($49. 99)
Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 ($25. 25)
Power: Corsair CX450 $60 in total: $975.
09 System Summary: While Intel has pushed its Core i5 and Core i7 parts to six cores, four cores are enough if you just want to play with some other tasks
I went to Intel Core i3.
8350 K here for two reasons.
First of all, in some games, it is a little faster than AMD cpu, and secondly, its overclocking is very good.
If you don\'t overclock, then you can consider the Core i3-
8100 from the first system because it is also a four
But its clock frequency is 400 MHz lower.
If you need more content creation then Intel\'s Core i5-
Core i5 8400-
8600 K, and of course Ryzen 5 six from AMD-core CPUs.
If you spend a lot of money on your computer then you want some visual pizza so I bought the Z370 Aorus Ultra gaming board from gigabyte and this board is lit up
It is also one of the cheapest motherboards to offer the latest Realtek ucs 1220 audio, even with USB typeC port too.
Graphics cards are easy to pick-
Nvidia\'s GTX 1060 is the perfect mid-
The range card, I chose the 6 gb version because it would be purer.
RAM is very expensive at the moment, usually I will spend 16 gb on a version like this, but this will add another $90 and won\'t have any more benefits.
Since 3000 MHz is only slightly above 2666 MHz, there are indeed some improvements, the 3000 MHZ 8 gb kit is worth a try.
SSD is definitely a must
I bought a $1000 PC and I bought a vital MX300 M.
2 drives as this is not more expensive than the separate 2.
5 in SSD and save the trailing cable anywhere.
You may be a serious player who has spent so much money, so its 525 GB capacity should also come in handy.
The last three projects are cases.
The carbide 100R of Corsair, the Hyper 212 Cooler of the Cooler Master and the power supply of Corsair CX450.
If you want the overclocking processor and it is relatively quiet, the cooler provides enough space, the CX450 is half
Modular, providing ample space for upgrades.
This case is perfect for a reasonable budget and more advanced
It feels better than Thermaltake h222. it has a side window.
NZXT\'s S340 is a great option if you have extra cash. High-End Gamer -1440P, ultra-
Intel Core i5-4 k wide gaming CPU8600K($289)
Motherboard: gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra gaming ($139. 99)
Graphics Card: Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 Mini 8 GB ($429. 99)
OrGigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti game OC 11 GB ($799. 99)
Memory: Corsair 16 gb DDR4 (2 x 8GB)
Revenge LPX 3000 MHz ($204. 99)
Storage: The key MX300 525 gb m. 2 SSD($139. 98)
WD Blue 1 tb hard disk ($49)Case:NZXT S340($69. 99)
Cooling: Arctic liquid reservoir 120 ($68. 49)
Power: Corsair cx50 $60 in total: $1311. 45 (GTX 1070 option)or $1681. 45 (
GTX 1080 Ti option)
System Summary: the CPU selection here may be quite controversial, but for a pure game --
Centralized system and high
Finally, this is the best choice.
There are games that do use more than four cores, but while AMD is strong there as well, it\'s not as powerful as Intel in some other games.
However, AMD is much faster.
Thread tasks such as content creation, so if you\'re going to edit video or 3D rendering as well as streaming, its Ryzen 7 cpu has eight cores at roughly the same price and much faster.
Again, Core i7-
8700 K, once overclocking, is the Beast (
See my review here)
And can match with AMD cpu, faster in many games.
If you don\'t need 6-
Core CPU then Core i3-
8350 K is still worth considering and the price can be reduced by $100.
If you don\'t overclock, Core i5-
8400 is also worth considering, although 8600 K also has a faster inventory speed frequency
Not only is it more expensive because it may be overclocking.
CPU cooler is one of my favorites
Arctic liquid freezer room 120
It\'s very quiet and offers excellent cooling, although you can easily use the cheaper Cooler Master Hyper 212 if you don\'t overclock the processor.
If you spend so much money on your PC, you also want it to look great, so I included the Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming board for Gigabyte and the S340 chassis for NZXT.
There are two options for graphics-
Nvidia\'s GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 Ti are hard to find thanks to AMD\'s Vega card.
The former is perfect for 2560x1440 and 3440x1440 monitors with medium to high detail settings in the game (
I might suggest raising this to 1070 Ti or 1080. wide monitors)
But if you want to use a 4 k monitor then GTX 1080 Ti is your best choice.
Although RAM is expensive, you will want 16 gb in such a system.
You can open these dozens of browser windows, apps, streaming software and games at the same time without running out of memory.
Since 3000 MHz RAM is only slightly above 2400 and 2600 MHz, the extra RAM is worth it if you can see real performance gains.
Finally, all of these games have a big 525 GB hard drive and a 1 tb hard drive, although the speed fanatics outside might consider the 500 GB Samsung 960 Evo, not the key ssd I chose here. Mini Gamer -
High performance Mini
Pc cpu for Intel Core i5-ITX games8600K($289)
Motherboard: gigabyte Z370N-WiFi ($159. 99)
Graphics Card: Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 Mini 6 GB ($267. 89)
Memory: Corsair 16 gb DDR4 (2 x 8GB)
Revenge LPX 3000 MHz ($204. 99)
Storage: The key MX300 525 gb m. 2 SSD($139. 98)
WD Blue 1 tb hard disk ($49)
Case: Phanteks EVOLV moved $109.
99 cooling: Corsair hydro series H75 ($74. 99)
Power supply: Silverstone 450 w sfx ($81. 37)Total $1377.
20 System Summary: If you have limited space, or just want a small but powerful PC, then you can build something as powerful as the other pc I mentioned. Mini-
ITX motherboard has everything you need to build a super server
Powerful PC and there are some great cases around.
I went to Intel Core i5-
8600 K, but core i7-
8700 K or Core i3-8350K.
Again, use AMD motherboards such as ASRock AB350 games-
ITX/AC, you can build a Ryzen-
All other components are also compatible with Intel or AMD options based on the system.
I chose the mini GTX 1060 card for Zotac, but of course you can upgrade it as the company also produces the mini GTX 1070, 1080 and 1080 Ti models.
Also, there is a tiny GTX 1070 for gigabytes.
You don\'t need a short graphics card because the Phanteks Shift case I chose supports up to 350mm graphics cards, but they make your life easier.
The Phanteks Shift is great, with a small footprint but very high.
However, I also have one myself, and I am completely satisfied with its appearance, compact design and tempered glass panels.
Or, for something smaller and cheaper, you can look at the core 500 of the fractal design.
I chose a slightly smaller liquid cooler which is the H75 of Corsair and can be easily installed in both cases.
The storage option is the same as the previous system, with SSD and hard drive, as is the memory of 16 gb dd4.
However, if you are building a small PC, it is smart to use the SFX power supply because it can provide the same power supply, but in a smaller unit, your
The Silverstone model I picked includes an adapter so you can install it to the normal-size PSU mount.
Content Creator
Powerful video editing, 3D rendering, or streamingfocussed high-
Performance PCCPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X ($874. 99)
Motherboard: Asus ROG strrix X399-E Gaming($352. 84)
Graphics Card: 11 GB for gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti game OC ($799. 99)
Memory: Corsair 16 gb DDR4 (2 x 8GB)
Revenge LPX 3000 MHz ($204. 99)
Storage: 960 gb m for Samsung 500 Evo. 2 SSD($246. 39)
WDRed 4 tb hard drive ($133. 99)
Case: Silverstone PM01-RGB($131. 84)
Cooling: Enermax Liqtech TR4 240mm ($129. 99)
Power supply: Corsair CX 750 W ($69. 99)Total $2,698.
62 system Abstract: This is a content creation PC, which may be the least
There are specific systems here, because you can change a lot depending on your requirements.
The CPU is one of the best. value multi-
Thread beast aroundAMD\'s 16-
Core thread Ripper, but if you need Intel CPU for any reason, or if you need more cores, then something like Core i9-
7900X or Core i9-
7980XE is two options, although AMD is generally more helpful for your cost.
If you want a cheaper system then AMD\'s Ryzen 7 1700X is a great option as it only costs $300 and has eight cores that can work with any AMD AM4even the super-
CheapASRock A320M-
$49 DGS. 99.
However, if you are going to remove the heavy ongoing load, I will go and buy something that has a better cooling effect, like the Asus Prime b3 50-Plus.
The graphics card I picked provides a nice frame rate even under 4 k, so if you use a high frame rate
Resolution monitor for content creation work, you don\'t have to dial back settings if you want to go deep into the game.
Or, if it\'s just to create content, you might just need something hardware/GPU-accelerated, so cheaper things like GTX 1060 are acceptable as well.
16 gb of RAM should be enough for most amateur content creators, but you can increase it to 32 gb at any time.
Storage has also improved with Samsung\'s fast 960 Evo SSD and 4 TB hard drive.
This is one of the best airflow.
The Focus model I tested
SilverStone\'s PM01, which also has room for the Enermax Threadripper CPU cooler of my choice.
Finally, it takes at least 750 W for the power supply to provide clearance-
Once the Threadripper 1950X is exceeded, the system can draw more than 500 W of graphics on its own, so that the graphics card can also work.
This is the case this month.
I\'ll be back with regular PC hardware buyer guidesso, so make sure you follow me on Forbes, Twitter or Facebook.
All of the above prices are correct when writing.
Please feel free to advise the system or components in the comments.
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