our manufacturing industry. no. iii.; steel furnaces iron foundries and machine shops printing presses and type foundries sewing machines scales hardware, &c.

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The first name of these interests is in a state of great frustration and complaints about inadequate protection are loud and constant.
The Donghe steel plant, which recently hired 100 workers, now operates for only two days a week, with an average of about 10 people.
Medium quality of castings
Steel has been from 20
2 to 11 cents per pound, and almost 2 cents per pound in various forms of government taxes.
Three big steel
At present, manufacturing institutions in or near the city have been closed, namely the Montauk steel plant in the port of Mott, a 40-year national steel plantsecond-
Streets and new
York Steel plant in Staten Island
As a result, at least 300 people were left idle.
Steel companies complain more about this depression because they have not raised prices with gold before.
Therefore, with the rise of the exchange, the price of British archival steel is 30
5 cents. The American article sold 20 cents.
1 cent per pound
The price is now 14 cents.
According to the revised tariff, the steel tax rate is fixed on the gold price of $45 per ton, but the currency price estimated at $32 per ton is repaid by tax, these taxes pile up on top of each other.
We urgently need an early and thorough revision of the entire tax system. The Atlas (steel)
At the corner of the 17 th
The streets and C Avenue were closed a few days ago.
In the past, it offered about 100 jobs, many of which could range from $5 to $10 a day for plenty of time.
The manufacture of the Furnace, like steel, is now almost non-existent.
The size of the cross used in the ordinary furnace, recently sold for $3 $20 each, compared to $1 $25 before the war and currently $2 $40.
In fact, in the manufacture of cast iron, the high price of cruci pot has always been one of the serious drawbacks.
In the boiler and machine shops, activity and confidence are much larger, although considerable slack has occurred in some places.
Three or four months ago, the Neptune iron plant hired 400 hands, and now about half of them are working.
They work on repairs and now make some engines for the government.
Wages paid a year ago for the sale were not reduced.
Metal prices have fallen about double.
Third, further declines are expected. Boiler-
The price in last December was 9 cents a pound, down at least 1/2 cents.
Owners expect that this summer, both in manufacturing new machinery and repairing old machinery, the merchant service department has a good job demand.
At Morgan steel, about 800 workers were employed, compared to 1,000 in the blast.
Troops are now decreasing.
They are completing the machinery of four steam engines for H. T.
Livingston, two employees of the United States and Mexico shipping company, will be from New-
From York to Vera Cruz
Both of them are new routes, and Livingston\'s ships are heading for Havana, stopping halfway.
In the same project, the engine of the American steamboat Idaho ,(
Built by Mr. P. T.
Navy Forbes
Close to completion;
And the American sloop engine --of-
Combat Force Ammonusuc, capacity 100-
Inch cylinder and 4 feet stroke.
Managers don\'t seem to think that selling government ships will have much impact on stopping work, although it may be dull at the moment.
They are cutting spending in each department.
In an advertisement for Allaire Works, they are completing two gunboat boilers for a ship to be a companion to ship St.
John, for the benefit of the people
Details of the number of employees & c
Cannot be determined.
In branches ,(
Used to be Secor Iron Factory)
They are completing the engine of a new ferry.
Ships prepared for the Yili railway company, such as the Pavonia.
The number of people employed there was about 150, a little more than half the previous force.
In addition to some portable engines in the oil area, the work done is mainly the old contract;
No new customers provide any good customers.
Advertising for Donghe steel plant ,(
Samuel Secco,)
Some 200 men have been employed recently, but that number is decreasing.
They have been building several gunboat boilers and engines for the oil area.
The activity level of the dry dock iron plant is quite high, with nearly 2 [? ? ? ]0 men engaged.
Two or three months ago, they were discharged from the hospital with several hands;
But they have not decreased recently.
They have not had a government job since last year, and the last contract is some large boilers.
Managers appear to have no serious concerns about selling government ships that harm their business.
Novelty Works did not reduce their number of employees.
About 1,000 people are still working in the agency.
They are producing two large engines for the government and four or five engines for businesses.
With the prospect of heavy crops coming up, allowing people to live cheaper than before, materials and wages are reduced accordingly, and managers are confident in the future.
Contracts that have been signed will keep the works active for a considerable period of time.
At the construction iron plant, nearly 300 men are still employed, about 150 less than the total.
This concern has been creating bullets, shells, guns.
Carriages, and other similar jobs in the government.
The order for 15,000 shots and shells was recently executed, and the operations of the Ministry of War have just begun, with an increase of 20,000.
Fort Lafayette is also doing some work.
The building was destroyed by fire. -
The burn believes it. -last April.
Once again, it carried out its full-scale activities, the largest of its kind in the country.
The Etna steel plant is building Dunderberg\'s engines and other marine engines for the government.
They\'re still working on a new merchant ship star. -
They are about to start a contract to build a new iron bridge across the Harlem River.
The length of this structure is 900 feet.
The agency employs more than 800 men and has not reduced any accounts. Messrs.
Peters and Murphy (
Fulton steel plant)
Two engines of steam engines are being built for tax services, running in Lake Erie and Ontario. (Sir.
Thomas Stark is building the hull. )
The cylinder diameter of these engines is 48 inch and the stroke is 9 feet.
They also built two boilers for the US Naragansett steamboat and installed two pairs of government gunboat boilers.
They now employ 300 people, a decrease of nearly one.
Half of their former troops.
Wages have not declined.
On the North River.
Slater and O\'Hara have reduced the number of men in the store from 130 (
The highest number)to 30.
The business of building steam engines and boilers has been greatly flattened but is beginning to recover.
There are few new works, and there are no works from the south.
They expect demand to grow quickly in the quarter.
Although wages have not declined, boiler prices have declined slightly --plate, (
About two cents per pound)
They offered to do new work for the two.
The price asked a year ago was thirty.
Complaints were filed against 6% of domestic taxes.
On the new work, the same levy is repeatedly evaluated on the same work, as on the plate, brass-
Plug, tube and finished boiler.
Advertising Information.
MURPHY, MCCURDY & WARDEN has reduced the number of employees in their boiler and machine workshops from 100 to about 50.
They have just completed two large boilers for the government steamboat Arago.
They believe that the suspension of government demands and the sale of ships will make business very dull this year. Messrs.
Copper manufacturer Harrison and Britton reported that their business was flat but recently revived. Messrs.
Fletcher from Harrison.
Now employs 130 people.
In addition to a lot of maintenance work, they also build engines for two revenue cutters running on Lakes-
The cylinder diameter is 48 inch and the stroke is 9 feet.
They also perform engines for a river steamboat and a propeller.
At Delamater works, about 500 men were employed, a decrease of 20five per cent.
In the complete supplement.
With the exception of completing the old contract, there is little government work on hand.
No great customers offer new jobs at the moment.
The shops in Brooklyn are roughly the same as those by the river.
In the Atlantic steam engine plant, the number of jobs was reduced from 100 to 60. Messrs.
Finney and Hoffman are between the ages of 20 and 20. five.
In the steam engine store in Abraham, more than 200 people are working now.
Wages and employment have not declined.
For the printing machine, it is understood that there is some demand in the South, a large number of printing machines are destroyed there. Messrs. R. HOE & CO.
To do its best to fill vacancies in these institutions;
Receive orders six months in advance.
Wages have not declined, and the work done has barely declined, except for a particular type of printing press, which has been reduced by about ten per cent.
It has already happened. In the New-
The company has more than 400 employees in York and Boston stores.
For metal types and printed materials, there is no corresponding demand in the east, although Cincinnati\'s business is reported to be active. Messrs.
James Connor & Sons reported that it has remained dull since 1st years.
Prices have fallen by 20 or 30 age points.
In some articles
Wages continued during the war.
It is believed that most other types
New Foundry
York has a similar story to tell.
But soon afterwards, there will certainly be more positive demands morally.
The phone keeps stable for safe deposit boxes.
In the preparation of HERRING, 150 people are often employed, far exceeding the usual number.
They think the business prospect is good.
Wages have not decreased, but there has been a considerable decline in materials.
However, as the main expenditure item of manufacturing industry, the decline in labor prices is not great.
Advertising says demand for sewing machines usually slows in the late spring months, and this year\'s demand has reached its usual level. At SINGER & CO.
Recent reports have improved.
935 persons employed;
Sometimes it\'s up to 1,100.
There is no change in wages, and since these costs constitute the main cost of the machine, prices continue to rise as they have been in the past year.
During the war, progress in this area was only about 20%.
The recent production of scale is rather dull; but Messrs.
HOWE & BOVIER reported that improvements have been made recently.
Prices have fallen by about 20 cents since the war ended.
This will completely compensate for the decline in materials and wages.
In hardware manufacturing, working at Russell & Erwin of New-Britain, Conn.
Expressed confidence that their prospects will become brighter.
It is understood that the common inventory of cooperation with wholesalers and retail dealers is quite small.
This company\'s article is mainly for house-
Use of buildings;
Believe that a good market will soon
Opened in the South, not only to replace the buildings destroyed during the war, but also to add many new buildings to the immigrants.
Prices fell by 25 and 30 age points on average.
From the highest point.
The advance payment increased from 75 to 125.
Higher than the 1860 rate.
They were never made primarily for the government.
The business has been carried out on the principle of cash and is not expected to be in danger of any serious antipathy.
A version of this file was printed on page 4 of the New York edition on July 9, 1865, with the title: our manufacturing industry. NO. III. ;
Iron and steel factory, foundry, Machinery Factory, printing factory, foundry, sewing machine, etc.
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