Open plum blossom padlock lock method

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
Introduction: table 1, open the padlock box lock is a key to open many locks. Such as a multi-layer lock key can open 100 or 10000 of the same type padlock. This is mainly for copper padlock and convenient management. Can also can do group open the padlock, primary level management, improve employee's work efficiency. Such as: power supply company, gas company, oil companies, property company, water company, belong to the lock. 2, open the padlock points by material: plastic a padlock, zinc alloy open padlock, all copper lock gun through open padlock 3, open the padlock according to the size of the lock body points: there are 30 mm padlock, 35 mm padlock, 40 mm padlock, 50 mm padlock, 60 mm padlock. Four, open the padlock by the lock key points: have the plum blossom padlock, cross padlock, atomic padlock, induction padlock, magnetic padlock, blades padlock, audi padlock. 5, open the padlock by the lock beam length points: a standard padlock lock beam, 4 cm lock beam padlock, 6 cm padlock lock beam. 9 cm padlock, lock beam can also be customized according to customer requirements longer lock beam padlock. 6, open the padlock to lock beam material points: ordinary clasps, stainless steel. 7, open the padlock characteristics through open padlock overall structure, technical performance and reliable, safety performance is stable, excellent special pry proof, anti-aging, temperature - 20℃— 65℃。 Open the padlock with anti-counterfeiting, prevent cheating, anti-counterfeiting technology is high. 8, pass the padlock performance and structure ( 1) Pass to open the padlock by the lock body, lock, lock beam and key components. ( 2) Open the padlock lock beam by cold plating processing, anti-rust anti-corrosion performance is good. Smooth surface, the exposed surface without sand holes, the closed lock beam, the push or 680 n, pass to open the padlock free in 10 meters high hard fall on the cement floor after the experiment without a lock beam fracture and lock body cracking, etc. , can be normal use. ( 3) Open the padlock with acid and alkali resistant, not easy to rust, open the high flexibility, key to uproot the static relay acuities were 8 n. ( 4) Pass to open the padlock pry, rust resistant, resistant to rap, the key is not easy to copy, etc. 9, padlock key parameters ( 1) Using location: households (inside and outside 2) Height: 1000 m ( 3) The highest temperature: 40 ° C, the lowest temperature: - 25 ° C, the maximum daily temperature difference: 25 ° C ( 4) The monthly average relative humidity number: no more than 90% ( 25°C) ( 5) Maximum daily average relative humidity: no more than 95% ( 25°C) 10, open the padlock method of use: use this through open the padlock key hit the lock unlock will be key to lock concave convex place in nudging upwards, 90 degrees clockwise, lock beam gently pull up, can open the lock. Light cord hook that is open, the key in the lock body. Lock with the key to the 90 degrees counterclockwise to still can lock, remove the key, can be locked.
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