On aesthetics, metal shake handshandle design elements

by:DIgao     2020-07-18
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hardware shake handshandle is practical and decorative art of furniture accessories, but its primary purpose is in order to satisfy the use requirement. Such as vertical, horizontal linear handle and all sorts of different formative dot type handle, the shake handshandle of various forms such as type and concave type TAB, all because of the different requirements of furniture modelling design. But you can see they all Shared the same shift, etc. Use a function. Almost every drawer cabinet, cabinets, boxes, such as receive a space must be equipped with a handle. As a result, the shake handshandle of functional requirements should be considered in the design of the basic elements. Materials and techniques is designed handle material conditions. Furniture hardware the appearance of new material, new technology has a great influence on the design. Furniture handle in the past in addition to use some copper, steel, basically use wood, carved by hand on adornment a few simple lines, some purely optical element, sometimes in order to conform to the structural strength, some wooden handle inevitably requires making thick and wide, the form must be limited.
furniture shake handshandle must consider in the design of decoration art is another factor. Because furniture shake handshandle is not only practical, but also become a kind of adornment, furniture modelling directly affect the performance of furniture design. So properly in furniture design using the shake handshandle of different shape and make full use of its decorative on facade processing can enrich the elevation changes of furniture, make the art of furniture is more conspicuous effect in order to achieve the effect that make the finishing point. On specific processing facade, because most of shake handshandle devices in furniture shake handshandle and facade form shadow and color, contrast material directly affect the furniture decorative effect, so on the shake handshandle decorative design usually can in a positive way to deal with. As the light and shadow depth, enhanced stereo feeling, to furniture facade with rich feeling.
with the development of science and technology, new material, Such as zinc alloy, plastic) , new technology, Such as die casting, injection molding, plastic plating) Applications, as well as new technology, new equipment, Such as electrical, electrical discharge machining) Presence, to design and mold processing have created favorable conditions, make the type of furniture decoration hardware shake handshandle transformed style features.
in addition, the colour and material of shake handshandle of the furniture in the sense of contrast, from two aspects of intuitive and use, when designing hardware handles shall be well. Due to the direction of modern furniture modelling tend to be more concise, so in the design should not be too pursuit of vulture act the role ofing, and should be seeking elegance concise form, make the handle shape smooth, tall and straight.
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