Nylon cable tie quality inspection method

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
Nylon cable tie application fields with the development of the economy, advanced applications increasingly wide range of mass production, almost all areas involved in the application. Then, the enterprise cable tie manufacturers also increased year by year, but the technology, quality and so on are very different, the good and bad are intermingled with the consumer goods market. As users of cable tie, also need to have the basic knowledge and understanding, the choice of reference in order to buy the most suitable to meet the requirements for the price of the highest value of the cable tie. 。 Appearance quality, The naked eye can recognize) Metal clothing products are often have such as defects, lack of material, anxious, the silver bubble, deformation, shrinkage and so on are prone to bad product. These also are more likely to appear on cable tie products, which we must pay attention to detail view its appearance, although some impact on the use does not constitute, but can cause the quality accident or potential threat. To emphasize is that key parts of the cable tie is the tooth with the quality of the part and the head cavity, this is very critical, so tooth take part to careful observation, can't appear the residual tooth phenomenon, cavity part inside the top should not have step have to die from mark, otherwise, there will be a lot of can't use the slide tooth, interspersed with difficult situations, almost equal to waste, cannot use. These questions are too careful attention, such as simple returns edge phenomenon, returns the side is too big, after weaving belt tooth surface and the head cavity joint are dense easy to loose teeth. Conventional law is, all of the products, excluding special must request, instinctive quality products are the best, this is right. Good cable tie should be bright, even slightly yellow color no matter, not cloudy dark. The stand or fall of materials is related to the quality of a key, metal clothes after many after high temperature melting screw shearing action, molecular structure of the state changes, especially for making the raw material of cable tie PA is more apparent, nylon superior wear resistance, tensile sex makes application in tie this product is rich. 。 Performance quality of the cable tie for examination and assessment of the most important point is that its tripping force, applied to a certain strength, whether take off, or the reverse gear, cracking your head, what's broken must be above the nominal value of tension, as for some users feel tie quality is bad also has a part is associated with the specification of the selected, not paranoid as tie quality is bad, because a specifications of the products are standard pull up a bottom, when the force needed to use more than the standard is very big, also can't guarantee, can be to choose to replace higher tension replacement of product specifications, of course, cost will be rising, and this is no way to things. Good quality cable tie stretching is, of course, flexibility, excellent ductility, fracture section, there will not be a straightforward not brittle. So also can satisfy the requirement of users to pull a greater degree of applicable scope, so as to reduce the cost.
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