New type of double metal lock safe

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Application number/patent no. : 200520031367, the utility model belongs to the field of metal locks, concrete is used for safe guard against theft, avoiding a new type of double insurance metal locks. Mainly including installation in the metal lock on the shelf metal locks, lock, metal lock dial plate, the first device and second word organs device. The utility model of the metal frame and metal lock lock is made of high qualified steel plate and one-time die stamping forming, and use a metal lock the structure mode of the separation of the metal locks, can make the metal lock bolt and metal locks to realize the secondary transmission, make the whole of the metal locks firmly and significantly improve the service life, anti-theft ability enhancement. The application date: July 28, 2005 publication: authorized announcement date: August 15, 2007 the applicant/the patentee: Zhou Kejian applicant address: henan yanshi county township pang village, village of sipan invented the designer: Zhou Kejian; Yang Songjian patent agency: China trademark office co. , LTD. Agent: ji-hong cao types: patent for utility model patent classification number: E05B63/00; E05B63/24; E05B63/14; E05G1/04
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