new smart locks connect to wi-fi for added sercurity and ease of use

by:DIgao     2020-06-28
Wither has launched the Halo smart lock, which will connect directly to the existing Wi-
The Fi router and smartphone can create a simple and secure smart home without a third
Party center, panel or subscription service.
With the Weiser app, homeowners can remotely monitor and control their Halo smart locks from anywhere in the world while connected to the Internet. “Wi-Fi-
Enabled smart home products are where we see the progress of the smart lock category, wither wants to provide a simple connection solution for homeowners, we have provided Halo with this solution Spectrum brand company
Hardware and home improvement division.
\"Weiser continues to strengthen our commitment to our customers to provide the best residential security for our customers.
Our new Halo smart lock is no exception.
Halo smart lock is designed as DIY-
Friendly so homeowner can install them
Just one Wi-
Fi network and Weiser mobile app for iOS and Android.
To increase security, homeowners will be able to generate up to 250 unique user codes through their smartphones, manage visitor user access, remotely monitor lock status, and remotely lock or unlock.
Touch screen Halo smart lock with wither patented smart key security to prevent common and forced entry interruptions
In methods such as locking, bumping, and torque attacks.
The touch screen version also features wither\'s patented security screen to prevent access to touch screen products that are usually not required.
With securesscreen, the user is prompted to touch two random numbers before entering the access code to encourage fingerprints on the screen.
\"We know that homeowners have a lot of options when they are working on smart locks,\" said Kolobaric . \".
\"Touch Screen Halo Wi-
Smart locks that support Fi provide the style, product durability, innovation, and the most important security that people pursue.
This smart lock provides homeowners with a seamless, easy way to upgrade to a smart home.
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