New metal clothes really realize the sustainable utilization

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
Metal clothes hook is very common in people's life, from electronics to package, transportation, and after using scrap metal clothes are hard to decompose, usually a few hundred years also does not decay, they burn, may make the chemicals into the environment, produce toxic substances in the air. Recently, North Dakota state university, ndsu) Researchers have developed a new type of metal clothes, can under the special light degradation reduction into molecules, these molecules can also make the new metal clothes again. Relevant papers published in a recent issue of the journal of applied chemistry. The team made a kind of fruit of fructose molecule solution, and then convert it to metal clothes ( Polymers). 。 The physicists organization network reported recently that put the metal clothes exposure under the nano uv hours, can be completely decomposed into soluble molecules. 'The real sustainable utilization including the material decomposed to constitute the basic material. We proved that can break it as the basic material, polymer and regenerate. 'The school sustainable materials science center have DE. 'said. They used oil seeds of crops, cellulose, lignin and sucrose in the production of metal clothes basic molecules, then basic synthetic polymer molecules, eventually forming metal clothes. 'This way of' cradle to cradle 'has brought a new metal clothes, can easily degradable, also for the people in the production of end products, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and the possibility of reducing the raw material provided scientific. 'Professor dean of coating and polymer materials. Webster said. 'Our strategy is likely to make new materials with biomass, light degradation after use, relieve the pressure of harmful chemicals in environment. 'West WaGu lu. Gerald said. The combination of North Dakota experimental research projects to stimulate competition ( ndepscor) Set up the sustainable materials science center, several experimental group joint biomass, renewable resources to produce polymer and mixture. And biological basis of the laboratory is responsible for making monomer triggers, west WaGu lu group specializes in photochemical degradation science and light, Webster's team in research on polymer chemistry. 'Through the team cooperation, we can finish the study. We need everyone's professional knowledge to solve this problem. '' said. Researchers also noted that in this kind of products from biomass metal clothes make it, before to commercialization, need further study to evaluate its durability and strength. In the next two years, they will also have the metal clothes hook used in automobile, electronic equipment and other equipment, test their work performance.
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