More and more fashionable furniture handle

by:DIgao     2020-07-14
More and more fashionable

furniture shake handshandle that life, always let a person shine at the moment the ornament of details. Recently, the reporter found when visiting household market, previously ignored now also had the very big change, the furniture shake handshandle that crystal, gold-plated, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, the shake handshandle of various peculiar modelling continuously attracts the attention of consumers. This design is especially popular with young people.
bright-coloured color, gorgeous flowers, red, yellow and blue wait for color to shake handshandle added active elements. On modelling, diamond, rectangle rules such as geometry, there are snakes, clams, hooked, fan, mesh, rope and other anomalies.
in addition, the market also appeared some high-grade furniture shake handshandle, such as crystal handle, gilded handle company, such as the change of material bring to the qualitative change, to handle more and more luxuriant glaring, to pull out of the position of 'supporting role'.
although shake handshandle is more and more fashionable, but also need to pay attention to when custom furniture furniture and shake handshandle color, texture, don't gild the lily.
as brunet furniture should choose golden metal shake handshandle, make the form bright contrast, furniture will look more appealing; Light color furniture should match the silver ring or stick shaped metal shake handshandle, appears concise, easy; Antique dark brown or dark red furniture, wood handle or golden metal handle is the most appropriate, will be more prominent massiness.
horny ark should choose the shake handshandle of smart, fashionable; Cupboard door or drawer more more furniture, should avoid to choose elongated shake handshandle, smaller diamond or circular shake handshandle is the best.
in addition also notice, in a house, whether it is a piece of furniture, or a combination of furniture, cabinets, handle color, design should be unified, otherwise it will damage the overall aesthetic of the furniture.

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