modular arduino-powered fingerprint door lock

by:DIgao     2020-06-26
Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting the dorm/apartment key and realizing it in front of the dorm/apartment.
Well, if you have $30 and a few hours of free time, you don\'t have to worry about forgetting the key again.
This fingerprint door lock consists of four main 3D printing parts that can be assembled together with several screws.
It can be attached to a normal door handle with two screws (
Will not damage it)
, Or can be edited (
Editable Tinkercad files will be provided)
Connect to different door handles.
Connect the servo to the key with nuts and bolts.
It has a reed switch, so the door is locked when it is closed.
It has a button on its internal handle so that the lock can be opened from the inside and there is a fingerprint reader outside the door.
No need to use the fingerprint reader, you can also open the door with the key (
Not applicable to all locks).
Since the door lock handle is a bit loose, the door handle can move freely.
You can unlock the door using a keyboard, an RFID scanner, a combination, or something you create.
I\'ll provide some links in the steps later so you can integrate other projects into it.
When I was in the summer school last year, I stayed in the four dormitories. I got up a little early and found that my class was canceled.
So I decided to take a shower.
Shower outside the room in the lobby).
When I came back, the door was locked.
I realized that my roommates had been on early shift so they had left the room.
I stood in front of the door and took only one towel.
No key, no phone, nothing. (
Luckily the doorman on that floor had a master key so I went in).
Later that year, when I got home, I decided to make a keyboard lock for my room and it turned out to be a mess: it was my own room and I hot glued most of the parts
It works very well, but there are a lot of problems.
Because it opens a latch behind the door, there is no way to open the door from the outside in the event of a power outage or failure.
The first thing that came to mind when I saw the dorm hack contest was to restore the project.
I came up with a way to connect the locking mechanism to the door and rotate the key itself.
Since I have a 3d printer now, it is much easier to make a prototype.
The idea is to create a door lock that can be attached to any door and key without damaging the door.
Here are the main parts I use in this project: Arduino nano clone-2. 65$ 9g Servo (
More powerful servo recommendation)-0.
Fingerprint sensor-$9325. 04$ (
I can\'t get it from Adafruit because they didn\'t ship to my country)buzzer (optional)-0.
Magnetic door reed switch-$382.
95 $ 2x 1000ohm ora button tool: Here are the parts I designed for regular door handles and locks, and you can edit the base by clicking \"Ungroup.
You can adjust the height of the base to match your phase lock: Note: Don\'t forget to generate the bracket when printing the base!
You should test your project before welding anything permanently, and the best way is to use jumper cables.
Here are some examples where you can use other sensors instead of fingerprint scanners.
Find a secret knockLock -lock (smartphone)-
Please feel free to ask any questions!
How does it work?
Arduino keeps reading buttons, fingerprint sensors, and reed switches.
If so, the door will be locked all the time; (
180 degree servo)
If, the door will open; (
20 degree servo)
SetupNote: after the turn is completed, the servo system will be separated. ()
In this way, the door can be unlocked with the key on the other side without damaging the servo system.
Here is the code :-
The servo cannot unlock or lock the door. The lock can be difficult to turn.
9g servo can be weak for your lock.
You can drive the lock with a larger and more powerful servo. -
The lock slid down from the handlebar. You can put some self-sealing around the front and back of the handle to prevent it from sliding.
There are a lot of things that need to be improved on this project, some of which are, if you have any feedback on this project, I really want to hear it, all the questions are welcome!
You can also contact me at gocivici @ gmail. com.
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