Metal shake handshandle skills of choose and buy

by:DIgao     2020-07-17
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a, how to choose furniture handle?
the shake handshandle of furniture, for the appearance of the furniture has the very strong aesthetic effects. This is because the choice of furniture and shake handshandle and furniture modelling, color, and has an important position. So, choose the furniture shake handshandle is very important. So, how to choose furniture handle?
1, when the choice, don't have to be very kit kat.
2, when the choice, should pay attention to contrast, foil beauty.
3, when the choice, pay attention to the unity.
2, cabinet door handle which is really good?
in general use good ambry hardware. As for the design and color, want to combine the style of whole ambry. General component is invisible handle and general handle, consumers can choose according to individual be fond of. Now more invisible shake handshandle, actually handle the brand is not much, the key is to ensure that the material is really not paint plating of stainless steel.
for cabinets, shake handshandle like it & other; Arm & throughout; , good quality, good style of door handle not only it is convenient to use, and to make the finishing point of ambry of the whole aesthetic feeling effect. On the contrary, if the door handle material is poor, can affect the use effect of ambry.
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