Metal shake handshandle installation of guard against theft is introduced

by:DIgao     2020-07-25
Metal polishing base has been implemented, address: AngYi fishing cross the village ( Wood group for land) Polishing machine number 800, now the relevant matters: - ->
called the hardware of the installation of shake handshandle security doors & other Anti-theft security door & throughout; 。 It has the performance of the security and safety. In accordance with relevant provisions of the 'anti-theft security door general technical conditions', qualified security doors in 15 minutes using chisels, screwdrivers, crowbar general hand tools and portable power tools such as hand electric drill can't pry or on doors open a 615 mm square opening, or within 150 square millimeter of semicircle of locking points to open a 38 mm square openings.
and security door locks must be used after the Ministry of Public Security test center testing qualified with the function of drilling special security door lock. Security doors can be made of different materials, but only up to standard test qualified, receive ZhunChanZheng door security products can be called a security doors.

we can let the professional person in security doors installed metal shake handshandle.
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