Metal locks the metal lock body motor vehicles

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Application number/patent no. : 200720188157 of the utility model discloses a motor vehicle metal locks metal lock body, including the bottom and sides, on the base plate is set with metal lock tongue groove, the resistance to metal lock plate and rotation plate, set in the metal resistance plate and rotation plate between the return spring; Whose character is: set up with metal on metal baffle lock lock lock the tongue openings and metal resistance open, set attached to a rotating plate flange and toggle end; Can lock the metal resistance open to match the flange, flange rotating resistance within the opening to the metal lock, the metal lock resistance between metal locking plate and rotation plate; On the side panel set upon opening, the strike end of the rotating plate into upon opening and on the side panel set the dial shaft; Dial rod and the outer dial rod one after the strike activity shaft connection on the side panel, the other connection at one end of the rotating plate as opposed to a toggle end. The utility model of metal lock body, the structure is simple and practical; Can prevent the door is opened in the process of driving and the function of the metal lock the door of guard against theft; Can reduce the consumption of materials, can reduce the manufacturing cost. The application date: nov 02, 2007 publication: authorized announcement day: the applicant/October 8, 2008 the patent holder: hai-ping Yang the applicant address: zhejiang ruian pond town BaoTian under 18 - ChengXiang road Invented the designer: 20 hai-ping Yang patent agency: agent: xiao-bing li Li Yusheng patent type: the patent for utility model classification number: E05B65/20; E05B15/12
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