Metal locks in the process of install and use common sense

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Should be hired experienced carpenter or installation of the metal locks a knowledge of teacher. And according to the product manual of hole spacing pattern, chisel supporting nest gusset plate, metal lock hole and metal lock box, to make the preparation for installation. Check whether the hole dug by the accurate and must be strictly according to the steps in the product installation instructions. If found after installing metal lock don't or can't open, flexible switch should be timely consult metal master locksmith. The distributor or its production of the enterprise technical service department, after-sales service department, so that the problem is resolved. Product installation and after check no problem, then the product, after waiting for good door brush paint and dry ( Preferably in more than two or three days) Locked metal remounted again, the purpose is: to avoid paint stick on the metal lock products, affect the appearance and performance ( Often after paint stick to metal lock the transmission is not flexible) Because of the wet paint through chemical gases will to corrosion products, accelerate product surface treatment - and affect the appearance and reduce the service life of metal locks. Second, the use and maintenance of the metal locks metal locks in use process, should pay attention to the maintenance. Often keep the metal lock body transmission parts, lubricants in order to keep the smooth transmission and prolong service life. The proposal checks once half year or one year, at the same time, check the fastening screw loosening, to ensure that the fastening. Metal locks in use process, on a regular basis ( Six months or a year) Or in the key when the plug is not smooth, can in the metal lock slot into a few graphite powder or pencil powder to ensure that key inserted smoothly. But don't add any other oil for lubrication, so as to avoid grease sticking billiard spring, to the rotation of metal locks not and cannot open it. Regularly check the metal fitting clearance of lock lock body and metal gusset plate, metal and metal lock lock tongue gusset plate hole cooperate is fitting for the high and low, door and door frame of best fit clearance to 1. 5mm- 2. 5mm。 If there have change, should adjust the position of the lock on the door hinge or metal gusset plate. At the same time pay attention to because of the weather ( Spring is wet, dry in winter) Caused by cold expansion, to ensure that the door lock and door frames, metal lock body and metal gusset plate clearance fit reasonably, to make sure that the metal locks using smooth. Three, in metal door lock system daily maintenance, what are the requirements for surface cleaning of steel metal lock? 1. Metal lock body surface should be clean and dry. Such as pollution, besmirch, application of clean soft towel to wipe. 2. Metal lock handle is opened shut the door lock key mechanical parts, its flexibility directly affects the quality of the metal door lock opening, closing, do not hanging objects on the handle. 3. Corrosive substances shall not be in contact with the metal door lock, in order to avoid damage on the surface of the metal lock protective layer, influence on the surface of the metal lock glossiness. Four, daily check? 1. Metal door lock screw tightness inspection matters needing attention. Metal door lock in the actual use process by reason of the vibration of the doors, metal door lock screw may be loose, engineering and maintenance personnel should be regularly check steel metal locks, will loose screw, to ensure the normal use of metal door lock. Include: fixed screw of front and rear panel, side panel set screw, metal screw locks, door gusset plate fixed screw, etc. 2. Metal door lock handle the flexibility of examination. Metal door lock in the actual use process by reason of the vibration of the doors, door lock handle metal may become loose, engineering maintenance personnel should be check regularly. 3. Door deformation inspection door by reason of use fixed number of year of the environment and the door deformation may be produced, which will affect the normal door switch, serious will affect the normal service life of metal door lock. Should call professional master carpenters to door can be adjusted. 4. Metal door lock check the battery voltage is insufficient. Xiang metal electronic door lock is use batteries to provide power supply, using 5 alkaline batteries is preferred. Battery in use after a certain time in order to reduce the voltage to the serious shortage of time, will affect the normal opening of the door. At this point need to replace the battery. Replace the battery, the time can't more than three minutes, or need to correct metal lock inside the clock. 5. Open the door, close the door is not flexible, the possible reasons are: a. The door deformation, should timely adjust the door gusset plate location. b。 Metal door lock installation quality is unqualified, affect the metal lock body movement. Solution: adjust the metal lock surface and metal lock body ( Core) The location of the. c。 Pay attention to the standard inspection door, specific standard can see public security industry standard of the People's Republic of China. 6. The door clearance between the up and down or so, especially the gap between the door end with the ground. If found that do not conform to, please give perfect as soon as possible, to avoid improper behavior of criminals.
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