Metal coat hooks used in these two places, you are so clever

by:DIgao     2020-06-15
The wall to hide the walls of the empty space look at home, if does not affect the appearance, reasonable collocation, so in the space below develop several receive a space. , for example, the porch of the gate wall above can increase a few groups to receive a frame, metal coat hooks, when going out into the bag, scarf, etc can all be put; Or a combination of hangers installation with a grid, the storage box can be conveniently put some keys, change, documents and other small objects; Spare parts also can install several metal clothes. Strewn at random have send to match, not only beautiful, but also extends the area receive a space. Study shows grade design study is always reveal master the unique cultural charm, and bookcase occupies the important position in the study, both from practical and ornamental, determine the overall style of study. Bookcase should strive for simplicity in design and a good multi-purpose ark can not only hold data, metal coat hooks can also put some other goods, in order to reduce mixed and disorderly feeling of the space. Choose more stylish metal shelf is a good choice, in order to combined with metal shelf form color and the material of echo, put a metal style file shelves, on the desk to receive the books on the desktop, documents, document rack can hang put small decorations. ( This article from dongguan company fu sen hook)
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