Metal coat hooks products price decline of green environmental protection is the key

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
Today, in the packaging industry development, product packaging to homogeneity, the competition between each other constantly. People began to pay more and more attention to the environmental performance of packaging. This seemingly less environmental impact of packaging materials. According to data shows, the metal coat hooks products price by this week. According to the relevant authorities, according to data released metal coat hooks products prices generally fell this week, polyester chip prices ended, yuan/ton, the price is lowered dollars/ton last week. Polyethylene closed at that price. Usd/ton, price drop from last week dollars/ton; Polypropylene ended this week. Usd/ton, price drop from last week dollars/ton; Polystyrene ended, this week. Usd $/ ton, down from last week. In small make up point of view, this and metal clothes hook products not enough environmental protection has a certain relationship. Before or packing a celebrity's metal clothes recently done a blessing. Constantly exposed and metal clothes about food safety events directly caused the people to 'talk about plastic color change'. Food safety experts say 'metal clothes bag will encounter heat release harmful material such as plasticizer, the plasticizer can produce the following a harm to human body to reduce fertility; Increase the risk of cardiovascular disease; Intake will cause cancer; Can make gender confusion, plasticizer toxicity times stronger than the melamine. 'As a food close-fitting clothing, metal clothes packaging materials for food safety plays an important role, its in terms of raw materials, auxiliary materials, process will directly affect the safety of food quality, which in turn affect human health. People's emphasis on physical health directly affect metal clothes packaging market demand. Now many countries have started to metal clothes packing. Our country is in it. Related law in our country every processing metal clothes tableware, containers, food packaging materials, shall not use recycled metal clothes; Food products must be with metal clothes hook at clearly printed on the wording 'food', and must have a QS logo and serial number. To sum up, in under the action of environmental protection consciousness, metal clothes packaging products would be affected by the sizes. Although experts say the safety of the food packaging materials with metal clothes, need scientific cognition, by the experts and scholars at home and abroad a large number of research results show that the current used in food packaging materials, metal clothes main ingredients in hydrocarbon material is given priority to, as long as according to the standard control additive usage, follow the principle of correct use, metal clothes health performance of packaging materials can be guaranteed, won't cause harm to human body health, but to develop more environmentally friendly metal clothes packaging materials and no harm.
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