Metal coat hooks products market analysis

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
China's metal clothing industry development is rapid, metal coat hooks products production in the countries all over the world ranking is always located in the forefront, including a variety of metal clothing products, such as PVC, amino molding metal clothing production has located in the world, become the world's superpower metal clothes. Metal clothes industrial production including resin and metal products production of two parts. First is obtained by crude oil processing all kinds of basic chemical raw materials, manufacturing process of resin is the small molecule chemical raw materials ( Monomer) Connect through polymerization, become high molecular compound, for example, will become a polyethylene ethylene polymerization. The primary metal clothes some is not able to meet certain product diversification, high quality requirements on performance, so usually adopt the method of 'modification', add a variety of additives in synthetic resin, make single limited categories of resin in a variety of excellent performance of new materials. We can think resin is metal clothes of upstream industry. Industrial metal clothes hook the last step is the metal clothes forming, is a resin or by modification resin material ( The amorphous powder, granules) Into a certain shape of the object or to finalize the design materials, downstream industry in order to achieve the required shape and require the use of specific products.
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