Metal coat hooks products industry in China will remain moderate development speed

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
Metal coat hooks manufactured products industry, stable overall situation of economic operation stability. Sentiment in the first months of light metal clothes in green stability interval are volatile, index moves in line with the industry works. Due to the industry into the production peak season, the month metal clothing products began to speed up production, rapid growth of production in the west. In the western region metal clothing products output growth is higher than the eastern region near a percentage points. In the western region in recent years the rapid growth of metal clothing products production, the proportion of total national production is gradually expanding, show that the metal clothing products industry to the Midwest transfer to speed up the pace, the overall industry layout begin to balance, the western region will become new growth pole metal coat hooks products industry. Advocate business wu income has top light industry forefront, steady growth, profit percentage of loss-incurring enterprises monthly decline, industry growth in fixed assets remain stable, but metal coat hooks products customs export growth fell from month to month, industrial enterprises above designated size export value of growth is still negative, export downturn in the overall situation of industry development is larger.
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