Metal coat hooks into environmental protection era!

by:DIgao     2020-06-15
As the metal clothing industry, the green environmental protection clothing market was amplified from time to time, you want to get better in the future, metal coat hooks is improved to increase the green environmental protection must stop to promote itself. As metal coat hooks industry occupies the proportion of more and more big, in the industry is becoming more and more high to its request, is one of the requirements of green environmental protection, packaging materials enterprises can do in the following several aspects to reference and stop further improvement and upgrading, renovation and new materials and new processing technology research and development of metal clothes, make more excellent metal clothes hook, the application of new resources and high function, complete metal clothes hook reduction; Rise, through independent research and development and technical renovation, hook, the capital of the new technology, to prevent because of the fund is too high, many with metal coat hooks cannot be widespread use of green packaging form; Application, progress and improvement of metal clothes recycling processing technology, make the link recovery utility ratio, improve and dispel the hidden trouble of metal forming red clothes hook purification, progress resource utility ratio; And backward intelligent and advanced hooks, USES local hooks have characteristics such as edible, water-soluble, increase the number of hooks, progress of environmental protection function. , reverse fund clothes, ineffective regulation in biological metal clothes, degradation time and cycle in powder filling cast metal clothes hook function at the same time, increase and reassure metal coat hooks for the purification of the ecological environment and influence; , promote the metal clothes peg blend technology, metal clothes additives rise and decline, new products and the use of technology in the protection of metal clothes hook under the premise of non-toxic, health, environmental protection, application of low margin technology make metal clothes hook function, can provide quantitative.
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