Metal coat hooks in the living garbage the change what to do

by:DIgao     2020-06-19
Living garbage management mainly follow the government to promote, the whole people to participate in an, propulsion, urban and rural areas as a whole, the operation of the market system, the principle of step by step. Since the 'rules of Shanghai living garbage management' is carried out on date, nearly full months, many people are subject to varying degrees, a lot of junk in life don't know what is classified as position. Four main classification, recycling and waste management life is waste paper, scrap metal clothes, waste glass products, scrap metal, waste such as the fabric is suitable for recycling, recycled waste of life. , hazardous waste, it is to point to the waste battery, waste paint tubes, waste drugs, and their container to human health or the natural environment such as the waste caused by direct or potential harm to life. And wet garbage, namely the perishable rubbish, is refers to the food waste, leftovers, expired food, melon is the stone of the fruit, flower green plant, such as traditional Chinese medicine liquid to perishable biomass waste of life. , dry refuse, that is, other junk, it is to point to in addition to the wet garbage recycling, hazardous waste, other than a waste of life. Dongguan fu sen metal coat hooks product superiority, seen from the above, belongs to the classification of the recycling metal clothes. Metal clothes hook, our company product materials are used by environmental protection material, is a kind of recyclable material. , dongguan fu sen is a production of metal coat hooks and display of private technology enterprises. Main products are paper shelves, S hooks, socks hook, etc. ; And design its own mold room, injection molding machines, have more than 10 years of production experience. , dongguan fu sen has many metal coat hooks types, a variety of sizes, meet your different needs, in order to guarantee the quality of shipment of the product, in the process of production, quality inspection personnel random sampling inspection, full inspection before delivery. , production capacity to ensure delivery in time, in addition to a variety of standard product choice, can provide custom service demand. , have perfect service system, dedicated customer service one-on-one service, online fast quotation.
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