Metal coat hooks in the kitchen

by:DIgao     2020-06-15
The kitchen of all kinds of miscellaneous pieces of much more special, seem to be very messy, looking for things not convenient; If on the wall with a few metal clothes hook, situation is very different. , 'either cooking when parting was so tired that is met, washing the dishes at the kitchen like turned out to be a risk of local. 'The question, not just because scale well. Each person's height and operating habits are different, so the height of the work station, condole ark, such as intervals are not too high, so convenient for things, not touching the head. Lampblack machine and kitchen is provided between the interval of at least the cm, work station and reserve at least cm between condole ark, work station height in cm. , 'why is on the kitchen floor is always wet? 'According to the washing - Prepare - The order of the cooking, metal coat hooks placed all kinds of kitchen utensils and appliances, can deal with this problem. Orientation is very important, of the kitchen sink planning owe good, simple splashing water, and the orientation of the tank should be based on personal habits from the organization, the order of the general is washing - Prepare - Cooking operation order to set up. Conditional word, can choose the water retaining mesa, so don't make kitchen wet everywhere. , 'to find something in the kitchen, almost to dig out. 'Through the small object placement is good, can avoid a lot of trouble. Kitchen stuff should be within reach, wash area to set up some metal rod may be metal clothes hook, also can use storage objects such as metope. Below the sink is not conducive to store food, will be wet, but can put some cleaning supplies. Able to drawer and locker at the same time, such already can storage items, beautiful, cooking in a good mood, use metal coat hooks really convenient a lot. ( This article from dongguan fu sen metal coat hooks company)
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