Metal coat hooks green environmental protection industry

by:DIgao     2020-06-19
With constant green environmental protection packing industry, metal clothing market is shrinking, to get better in the future, metal coat hooks packaging must be improved variety add green environmental protection can promote itself. With metal coat hooks packaging in the packaging industry occupies the proportion of more and more big, more and more is also high to its request, is one of the requirements of green environmental protection, packaging materials enterprises can do in the following several aspects to the reference for further improvement and progress, innovation and development of new materials and new processing metal clothes skills, make more excellent metal clothes packaging materials, and using new materials of high functionality, finish packing data reduction; Second, through independent research and technical innovation, capital down packaging new materials, new skills, to prevent because capital is too high, many metal clothes fit into the green packaging materials cannot be used in large area; Three, forward and improved metal clothes back use processing skills, make the packaging material back forward sharply utilization, improvement and eliminate the metal clothes packing materials to form the risk of white pollution, forward resource utilization; Four, to develop advanced packaging skill means such as intelligent, using partial metal clothes packing material has the characteristic such as edible, water-soluble, cut the number of packaging waste, forward security environmental protection function of packaging. Five, biological fund belongs to the clothes, effectively regulate biological degradation time and cycle, metal clothes in biological metal coat hooks into full play packaging information function at the same time, reduce and eliminate metal clothes packaging information pollution and the impact on the ecological environment; Six, advancing the metal clothes peg blend of skills, metal clothes additives and use of new forward and carried out, in ensuring that the metal clothes packing materials under the premise of non-toxic, clean, environmental protection, using low capital skills to make metal clothes packing material function to go forward, for the reduction of supply.
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