Metal coat hooks and the USES of the life!

by:DIgao     2020-06-19
Metal clothes hook is certainly one of the greatest inventions in the world, post them in the appropriate local, used to hang a few small things convenient. In addition to the most basic function, metal coat hooks and other use. Here is a particularly good way, is the metal clothes hook function to an extreme. , noodle carton stick two metal coat hooks in the bathroom and cut health cartons with two holes, arranged up after extraction of tissues is lunch, hanging at the side to arrange for a car ride within, hang bag in the above, will never forget it in the vice manage, chest shut old wardrobe cannot be perfect, always show a seam. Stick two metal coat hooks at both ends and a rubber band is ok and a metal sticking latchkey near the porch clothes hook, after taking the door keys on the above, when go out after will never find. , toothbrush holder tilted sticky metal clothes hook, put a toothbrush, clean and lunch. , mobile phone recharge socket not around the table, can stick on the wall two metal clothes hook, charging in them to mobile phones, will not be line down. , tablets, mounted on the head of a bed sticking a metal clothes hook, made of sturdy 'screen', don't have to take tablets for the hand cramps, bathroom storage stick can be hung in the bathroom towel, bath towel, and plastic basketball association, many personal items can be placed in the inside. Derailed, pot in the medial stick a few metal clothes hook, put up the pot, save space and not messy, plastic bags will always slide down in the trash bin, stick around metal clothes hook, it is good to hold the stick on the wall, cling film, aluminum foil paper two metal clothes hook, fixed cling film, aluminum foil paper, with the time it's very lunch. ( This article from dongguan company fu sen hook)
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