Metal coat hooks adjusting process parameters

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
The coat hooks products of metal forming process, due to the different processing equipment, molding method, raw material variety, combined with the equipment running status, the structure of the mould cavity, the rheological properties of many factors such as fault heddle change, make metal coat hooks products inner and exterior quality can produce a variety of molding defects. For metal coat hooks engineers, how to reasonably adjust the process parameters and forming conditions, how to properly adjust molds and molding quickly ruled out all kinds of fault, is a should master the practical technology. However, due to many causes of product defects, formation mechanism is more complex, often require troubleshooting staff must provide for a certain theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, in order to correctly analyze fault reasons, to determine appropriate treatment scheme, promptly eliminate various metal clothes hook processing problems. For large metal coat hooks processing fault formation mechanism and elimination method of list analysis, through induction, refining and summarizing, more cases of failure causes of the clothing metal forming process and analyses the methods and steps to fix, and provides some stronger solution and the specific measure, for metal clothes as a reference for engineering technicians in the troubleshooting, it can greatly shorten the groping process of troubleshooting and find the countermeasures in the vast literature of the time. Discusses the causes of a fault and the elimination method, often involving various cause and countermeasures, in the list as far as possible according to the fault causes of primary and secondary order, but when troubleshooting plan formulation, don't automatically to use the sequence arrangement in the table, but should be according to the adjusting process, equipment and mold the ease of molding conditions and changes of the cost of production, from easy to difficult, from low to high principle, in all aspects of the comprehensive factors, determine the economic and reasonable treatment scheme. It is important to note that after controlling metal clothes hook failure, must item by item, adjust the process parameters, several production conditions do not change at the same time. , for example, avoid by all means at the same time change the molding temperature, molding pressure, or the cavity structure and so on many process parameters, and produces a failure should be temporarily stable production conditions, the first rule out the main failure causes, and then according to the condition of the change of the fault, and then in turn to adjust other steps, until thoroughly troubleshooting.
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