Metal clothing products should pay attention to the shelf life of consumers

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
'Triangle + number + English abbreviation' - — Each metal clothes at the bottom of the container or metal clothing products has a little 'id', on behalf of them using different materials, also on behalf of them has a different use of taboo. Experts with the industry, will give you solve metal coat hooks products digital puzzle, understand different Numbers represent different meanings. Metal coat hooks products no shelf life in the eyes of many consumers, metal coat hooks products because of non perishable, deterioration, so is can use for a long time. But the metal clothing products is there really no shelf life? Consumers not bad can then use is located in dongcheng district of Beijing new world supermarket, lotte, countries and a number of large-scale comprehensive supermarket in rui city shop, some customers are selection of metal products such as clothes hook when asked 'crisper metal clothes have shelf life', many consumers surprised to position himself never pay attention to the metal clothes shelf life of the vessel. 'Generally use not bad condition, I wouldn't change clothes container of the metal in the home on a regular basis. When buying this kind of material products, I just took a fancy to it's of good quality and not bad, so only if the metal clothes box didn't deformation, can also be used, I'm not going to change. 'In Beijing's daxing district, a female consumers said he never noticed the shelf life of metal clothes container metal clothes hook, but only after the product appeared quality problem can be replaced. Sells the product without label is located in dongcheng district of Beijing new world supermarket, lotte, countries and a number of large-scale comprehensive supermarket in rui city shop, in the metal clothes counters in the kettle, boxes, random look at a few different brands of referral letter boxes products, in addition to the national request of manufacturers, contact information, etc. , only saw some brand products production date has carried on the annotation, but did not identify the metal shelf life of clothing products. 'The metal clothes hook is not food, therefore no standard shelf life. Like this product, usually can use three or five years, as long as don't sticky metal clothes hook or due to meet high temperature shape change, I think to be able to then go ahead. 'Lotte China rui city shop of a metal clothes boxes promoters told reporters. Experts have no provisions of the state on metal clothing products shelf life? Beijing button le le trade co. , LTD. , the training manager miss song said 'most of the metal clothing products shall not be repeated, long-term use, one-time metal clothing products especially not repeat use. For repeated use of the PP products, shelf life of the country is not tough. But because of the use of many consumer habits, easy cause metal clothes crisper become yellow, become sticky, color and so on. So in order to more safely using metal clothing products, had better be replaced after the above problems. 'In addition, miss song, after long-term use metal clothes hook, aging problem will happen. 'Metal clothes aging refers to metal clothes will be in the sunshine, under the influence of environmental factors such as temperature, ph value, longer duration of use, in different forms, different degree of chemical erosion phenomenon. Such as appearance, Extinction, discoloration, wrinkling) Change, mechanical properties, Optical properties, electric properties, weight) Change, and change of chemical structure and performance. Because metal clothes container scratches serious aging, is likely to remain harmful bacteria, special is PVC material that may contain bpa container, metal clothes in heating, washing or holding acid liquid, bisphenol A is easy to seep into water and food, the more powerful the scratch, the more out of bisphenol A. In addition, the aging metal clothes because the structure is destroyed, are more likely to precipitate low molecular substances, cause a harm to human body. 'Miss song.
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