Metal clothing products how to identify the difference between the new material and back to the material

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
Understanding, through the observation, a new metal clothing products, bright color, high transparency, no noise. Clothing products and scrap metal, darker color, mix of dark color, design and color is more serious. Products, through the sense of smell, new materials, no peculiar smell. Reworked material products, have peculiar smell. , weight contrast, the metal clothing products of the same size, the new clothing metal products do the light, heavy scrap metal clothing products. , select normal manufacturer is large, normal manufacturer of metal clothing products is relatively reliable, farmers markets, roadside shops such as slightly lower prices, but the quality is not pass. , watching the flexibility of the metallic clothing products, new materials products good toughness and resistance to bending and deformation, not burst. While reworked material toughness is poor, less brittle and prone to fracture.
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