Metal clothes mold in the mold industry accounted for continuous improvement

by:DIgao     2020-06-19
In recent years, China's mold metal clothes hook is developing rapidly. At present, the metal clothes mold in the mold industry accounted for approximately %, import and export the proportion is as high as in the mold ~ %. With China's machinery, automobiles, home appliances, electronic information, and construction building materials such as the rapid development of national economy pillar industry, the proportion will continue to improve. We have learned, make it should take about more than a normal car inner decoration mold, and produce bumper, instrument panel, fuel tank, steering wheel, the large and medium-sized metal clothes mold only about % can meet. And metal building materials has become a large number of alternatives to traditional material of fashion clothes, expect the years metal doors and Windows and penetration will reach % ~ %, can drain metal clothes market share will be more than %, these will greatly increase the demand for mold. According to experts predict that total of mould market is steadily upward, in the mold market of the future, metal coat hooks mold development speed will be higher than other mold, the proportion will gradually increase in the mold industry. Mould industry in China has developed to a certain level and have strong competitiveness. But there are many factors in the process of its development, it restricts the development of mold industry. Such as raw material problem, now our mould were mostly with the production of steel as its material, but this year the steel market supply shortage, the mold industry, is undoubtedly the bricks without straw, serious impact on the development of mould industry in our country. Secondly, after the products produced, must carry on the market sales, if not a good sales market, mold purchase, mold enterprise is hard to survive. Therefore, die mold industry will combine to expand its industrial chain upstream and downstream industry, ensure the mold production source, have a way. Mould industry and materials industry, downstream demand was only on the market, and to recognize its importance, to be able to the look of the industry, include upstream and downstream enterprise's development plan, to extend the industrial chain of mold industry.
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