Metal clothes hook new additive can delay the ageing of the metallic clothing

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
Australian scientists have invented a new material, can through the process of ageing could he slowed down to strengthen porous metal coat hooks. From Australia's commonwealth scientific and industrial research organization ( CSIRO) MatthewHill said, this is called the porous structure of aromatic ( PAF) Material, its role as a dose of collagen, can delay the aging of the metal coat hooks. PAF, he says, is a kind of white powder, added to the polymer blend, can prolong the service life of porous products. Super glass polymer is a porous, permeable material, after joining PAF, permeability becomes not so quickly. 'CSIRO days of data have been collected so far, those metal coat hooks still did a good job. 'Hill said. Published PAF, SamLau said the authors of the new material of scientific papers, to achieve such effect mainly depends on the metal clothing material that only nanometres wide hole, probably is a tiny part of the width of human hair. 'For decades, scientists have been trying to through the adoption of large aperture metal coat hooks to improve processing. But this kind of metal coat hooks aging faster. 'Lau said, PAF the larger pore size of the inside is feasible in the industry, can significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency. PAF 'like Hollywood dramatic transformation, and in fact to freeze the larger porous structure, lasts for years. 'Lau said, the raw material used for separation technology, such as gas, liquid and solid, the energy consumption is very big. But using the CSIRO PAF in the polymer, can make the separation process to speed up The Times. CSIRO is looking for a suitable industry partners to increase output of PAF, but Hill said not yet signed the agreement. PAF is the price of the Australian dollar/kg ( 。 Usd/kg) Mixture, but 'just add % amount can prevent aging, metal clothes actually such, its price is only about cents per kilogram. 'Hill said.
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