Metal clothes hook material properties

by:DIgao     2020-06-15
, beautiful light individual metal clothes hook material density is small, about half of the aluminum, steel, one 5 of PP metal clothes material is lighter than water, so its products nature is light, in addition, a few metal clothes and beautiful and generous appearance, such as bright and clean and bright, more raw material color and metal clothes easily, can make the products have all kinds of colorful color, make the products be farewell. , good electrical insulation function big minority metal clothing has excellent electrical insulation, this is due to the high polymer external not comfortable moving electrons and ions. So is not conductive to, but because the exit of additives. Electrical insulating function of the metallic clothing materials happened some changes; Large minority clothing metal material at low frequency, high voltage insulation is very good, most of the metallic clothing materials even under high frequency and low pressure have good insulation, therefore, metal coat hooks raw material is wide used in electronic, electrical, communications, instrumentation and other's sphere. , good mechanics function metal clothing materials mechanics function of metal will send some absolutely, however much lighter than the metal, metal clothes, so according to the strength of the unit quality calculation ( Also known as specific strength) To be close to or beyond the traditional metal materials, and some metal coat hooks raw materials, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic is much better than the intensity than steel, therefore, raw materials can be applied to metal clothes from many structural components. , good barrier function of metal clothes to gases and water vapor has excellent barrier property, therefore, can use metal clothes products all kinds of containers, products and film, can have very good waterproof, moistureproof effect. , good processability of various kinds of metal products are made by molten metal clothes clothes hook with molding machine molding, because the melting point of the resin is low, easy to melt, and injecting molten material into the mold, within a very short time can make complex shape, size fluctuation, the metal clothing products of excellent quality. , antifriction, wearable function is so big a few metal clothing materials have excellent antifriction, wear resistance and the smooth function, they can be either in the water, erosion medium normal tasks, can also be used under the condition of boundary friction and dry friction is invalid to task, much lower than the metal, as long as the metal is much better, usually metallic clothing materials, friction coefficient is much lower than metal, as long as the metal part of one to ten part, one of which available metal clothing materials manufacturing many antifriction and wear resistant products.
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