Metal clothes hook material color matching process

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
In the process of color matching, must first make clear the application requirement of products, and according to the color of metal clothing material performance, choose suitable coloring. Technical personnel should strictly check when colors available paint color, tinting strength, dispersion, performance and processing stability of equilibrium, mixed and cost etc. , can choose the use of paint, preliminarily determine dosage. The stand or fall of colors and color effects, in addition to rely on technical personnel's professional and technical knowledge, technical personnel are also required to have a perfect visual function. At the same time rely on high technology content of color matching instrument and equipment. In this paper, the color metal clothes hook procedures and color matching method. Color matching process metal clothes hook one of color matching is an important part of the color, the color choice is preliminarily formula design, and then adjust the preliminary formula, suitable for mass production, and ensure uniform metal clothing products color consistency. 。 The design of the preliminary formula ( ) According to the requirements of metal coat hooks products overall design, and find out the standard color sheet of sample as a reference. Reference to select proper or not, is directly related to shading effect is good or bad. To find the better color reference, at ordinary times should accumulate more and more preparation some colored metal clothes clothes color swatches or metal material for reference, at the same time should also be their colors experiences and lessons into the corresponding color formula, for your reference. ( ) In the, in the absence of any reference analysis metal products (clothes hook should be carefully observed Sample) The color of light, color and brightness, etc. , to determine the color attribute, used to determine the color is transparent color, whether or not transparent color, which contains other special pigments ( Such as fluorescent paint, metal paint, etc. ) And then according to the munsell color system color. ( ) From the aspects of color, brightness, such as gradation and compare with the difference of standard sample and reference, on the basis of the colorant formula for the reference correction, work out the preliminary formula. Or required color according to the theory of munsell color system design, and to formulate preliminary formula.
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