man shoplifts 2 dyson vacuums and hits vehicles while fleeing home hardware

by:DIgao     2020-06-22
Riverside Home Hardware is looking for someone who allegedly took off with two Dyson vacuum cleaners on Monday, December. 10 afternoon.
Warehouse manager Wade Scarborough said that when the man had a box under each arm, he ran out of the door without paying.
Scarbeo left the store to chase, and a bystander offered to help.
But he said they had to stop because the suspect threatened to shoot.
\"This is crazy.
\"I don\'t think it\'s going to be like this, I just really want to get his license plate,\" he said . \".
\"People have to do this, which makes me feel a little sad.
\"The man caught by the photographer finally walked back to the store with two boxes.
Sheila Simpson, who lives near the La Porte Avenue store, said: \"Look at me very slowly and very casually and say, \'I bring them back. \'\".
When an employee started following the man, she helped them call the police.
Crime blockers provide rewards to stop portico pirates. Her husband has been driving home to send an employee after two people tried to follow the man to see where he went with a vacuum cleaner.
Simpson said the van allegedly crashed into several cars, including her husband\'s, while fleeing the area.
The man was photographed by Simpson\'s home surveillance system.
The camera also captured a van driving away from the square parking lot and a police cruiser following the van.
However, Simpson said the police had to stop because they were in a residential area.
Police say an active investigation into the theft is underway.
The store also posted an advertisement on kijiji asking people with information to contact them.
Shane Seguin, the owner, said he was pleased that no one was injured, especially given the alleged threat of shooting.
\"It causes some pain when someone says this to you,\" he said . \".
Seguin was not in the store that day and he said the staff did their best.
13 cars stolen from Leamington dealers were recovered, and about $300 per vacuum arrest.
\"Every time someone steals something, I have to sell it three more times to make up for what we lost,\" Seguin said . \".
It is estimated that Simpson\'s husband\'s car was damaged by about $7,000.
After someone hit a car, she only recently fixed it.
\"So I\'m sure my insurance will increase, so, Merry Christmas.
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