Mall brass lock and padlock is commonly used in the function of the difference between what is

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
And competition fierce is copper door lock on the back of exquisite decoration and copper art won everyone's love, life round cakes lock level is becoming more and more progress and let everybody's ability to accept brass lock is gradually increasing. So, manufacturers choose what kind of copper door lock to allocate its bronze products, from what channels to obtain copper door lock? Terminal docking, the brand locks have advantages compared with general security doors, gate decorate sex is stronger, or hollow out, or forged, or relief rectangular lock pictures of various stripes and geely. In addition, some manufacturer in Chinese under a wide range of features, combined with the western building decoration elements, on the creation of match well of Chinese and western bronze. And on the practical, bronze also far more durable than the average of any kind of door after use, it doesn't exist questions such as deformation and cracking, not only anti-theft function is strong, and its service life of the door is far more than usual several times. So, bronze, with its peculiar exquisite technology, luxury elegant appearance and used to consolidate the quality of the residents into the financial system, finance file section, residence, warehouse area of choice for goods. Of course, bronze quotation is not low. Generally, bronze quotation of door leaf intrusive, door plank thickness, carve patterns or designs on woodwork is decorated and simplified to padlock level elements such as resolution. Door leaf area is large, the thickness of the copper plate thickness, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, heavy and complicated natural high quotation. So, in order to standard, the level of bronze, the distribution of locks except to harmonious with the appearance of bronze, anti-theft function also should match the bronze, as a result, copper door no matter from the quotation is still cannot become usual quality too. Brand + features + help complete the padlock lock enterprise docking with the door factory terminal now, bronze is on the market has been allocated the harmony with the lock, consumers don't need to purchase. And manufacturers choose appropriate use of lock deployment of bronze generally there are two ways: one is the door factory and lock enterprise collaboration. Manufacturers in the production of bronze, on the basis of its request to lock companies manufacturing door lock, and to do all kinds of decoration on the padlock, and its produce bronze characteristics in common. Because there are many doors factory brand consciousness enhancement, beginning with its brand hardware locks, from OEM hardware factory directly. Even if not produce lock manufacturers, also can find dealers purchasing form a complete set of locks installed. Second, the dealer directly to stores to find lock manufacturer, purchase matching locks. Bronze suitable adding civilization elements, has been the resolution with locks necessary features and artistic characteristics. Consequently, many manufacturers in the market a wide net, for appropriate locks. Lot of locks dealers show manufacturer to store purchasing copper door lock. About locks dealers, 100% of all dealers pay attention to and to bleed willingly and door enterprise collaboration, but the real can finish with door enterprise collaboration for a long time, but only 20 - 30%. And one of the most crucial factor, is the door enterprise to lock features, modern, artistic, the request of the differentiation.
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