make hinges inexpensively

by:DIgao     2020-08-17
Sometimes I want one or two hinges but the size and shape in the shop is wrong, not heavy enough and the price is too high.
I designed a way to make the hinges I wanted with little time and money.
Nomenclature: the flat part of the hinge, the part tied to the door and its blockage are called leaves.
The hinge pin is fromexplanatory.
The circular tube containing the hinge pin is the main body of the hinge.
I am making a basic hinge.
This section has two steel bars of 1/8 × 1/2 inch in length 1/4 inch per month, each of which is 3/8 inch in length 1/16 inch per month, and 5/16 steel bars of about 1 inch 3/16.
If the hinge needs to rise or offset in any way, the 1/8x1/2 bar can be adjusted in size.
Twist drill is easy to deviate from the center.
Center grinding counter hole drill bit with a diameter of 3/16, or positioning drill bit, or ladder drill with a tip of 3/16, provide more rigidity and precision for start-up.
Once the precise drilling is started, the twist drill can complete the rest of the work.
I made a notch on a piece of 2 inch wood and clipped the 3/8 rod in it to keep the rod vertical while drilling.
Another option is to use a metal tube that has passed through the hole.
The hardware store has tension sales and works very well.
The 5/16 pull pin has an internal hole with a diameter greater than 3/16.
However, this increases the cost of making hinges.
I used a piece of aluminum angle of 1 1/2x1 1/2 to fix and position the blade for welding to a hinge body bar of 3/8.
The left end of the leaf in the photo is placed at half the diameter of 3/16 or 3/8 bar above the bottom of the inner corner.
Another blade will be used as a gasket for the welding device.
Look at the second photo.
I put the 3/8 bar into the corner of the aluminum corner and weld the first leaf to the main body of the hinge.
Look at the third photo.
I fixed the welded leaves on the plane of aluminum with a spring clip.
I welded the second leaf to the main body of the hinge. (
There is a text box on the second photo, but it is not displayed.
Click on the photo and you can access the text box. )
To enhance the strength, I flip the assembly and weld the end of the leaf to the main body of the hinge.
Grind the solder beads so that they are flush with the surface of the bottom leaves.
The leaves are 1/2 wide each, but the body is 1/16 long.
When the two halves of the hinge are cut on the corner head grinder with a cutting wheel, the extra 1/16 is wasted.
Cut directly to the body as far as possible so that the hinge can work smoothly.
This is not always easy when \"visual\" and hand cut.
Correct with grinder.
Allow about 1/8 of the hinge pin to extend beyond the bottom of the body.
Welding in place.
Slide the other half of the hinge into the hinge pin.
Cut the hinge pin into length and surround the top edge of the hinge pin.
Grind off any rough or sharp edges.
Drill mounting holes for screws on leaves.
Align the hinge pin with the joint between the two pieces to be hinged.
Drill screw holes and install hinges.
The upper end of the hinge pin does not actually require a cover.
The user may want to lift one hinge panel from another.
If both hinges are located at the opening end of the pin, one panel can be lifted from the other.
Alternatively, the opening end of the bottom hinge can be set to up.
The top hinge can be set so that its opening is down.
This arrangement locks the two panels together.
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