make handles for cabinets and dressers

by:DIgao     2020-08-06
Whether it\'s your patch cabinet or dresser, the cost of patching will soar when you need to look for drawer drawers and knobs. Let\'s face it.
The handle is expensive!
Depending on the size and type of material, the average pull force of the drawer can range from $3 to $13.
Usually the one that is really beautiful is at least $6.
Today, from the rope to the old toy to the copper tube, you can make handles with almost anything.
To tell the truth, I was thinking about copper pipes until I went to Lao\'s house and saw the cost of copper.
Diameter 1 feet, 3/4 are the pipes of the 11 dollars!
So I had to re-evaluate my process.
I will show you how to get the look and feel of expensive drawers at a fraction of the cost.
Tools required for sawing materials (Makes 3 -
Drawer pull 2)2 -0. 875-in (7/8in)x 48-
The round Poplar pile (
Side note: this can be done with pins of any thickness, just make sure the diameter of the bell hanger is smaller to ensure a tight fit. )6 -
3/4 \"metal painting (I used Rust-
Vintage metal rose gold felt)6 -
1 1/4 \"the construction screw on the drawer is first marked and the drawer will drill holes on that mark to ensure that the pull force on the drawer is evenly installed.
Cut the stake into 2 each.
This can be done with a diagonal saw or a simple hand saw.
Once the pin is cut, spread the pieces, and the bell hanger is placed on some plastic and sprayed evenly with the spray of the metal paint of your choice.
For this I used the rusty vintage rose goldOLeum.
Be sure to spray out in the open air or in a well ventilated space.
I also recommend wearing gloves.
Painting can get messy.
Let the pieces dry in about 20 minutes.
The painting was quickly dry.
Now install the bell hanger onto the drawer using 1 1/4 construction screw.
I like the construction screw because it doesn\'t need to be pre-ordereddrill holes.
Loosen the Bell rack and place the pin in the middle.
When the bell frame is closed vertically, the effect is best, as shown in the figure.
The pin will extend evenly on each side of the Bell crane.
In this case, the pin extends 4 inch on both sides of the bell frame.
Make sure the sides are correct before tightening the screws to secure the pins.
Carpenter\'s square helps ensure that the pins are installed evenly from the drawer to the drawer.
Also, I used a small piece of wood (1x2)
To further ensure the perfect arrangement of the handle.
Once the installation is complete, you are done.
This can be done on any furniture or cabinet.
Using Chrome or stainless steel metallic paint can bring a stylish and expensive door pull look to the cabinet.
No one will be smarter.
You can find less.
For more information on this, go to the toolbox Divas and check out the full vanity conversion.
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