Maintenance of household anti-theft door lock? Family locks maintenance

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
Family locks maintenance method 1, most of the friends after open the door, always with a round cake lock the door into the door frame, let it between the door and the most intimate embrace, but this is not to want, after open the door, we should rotate handle and let the door lock tongue indentation, and then the frame combination, in thine hand, above all is to avoid serious collision, door lock or you will shorten its life. Family locks maintenance method 2, lock body when we open or closed rectangular to lock the door, often turn to it, over time it also is less flexible, therefore, we need to ensure that the rotation of the lock body parts, lubricants can reduce the friction lock body itself, thus increasing the service life of the lock itself, and in order to guarantee the security of locks, we'd better check the locking often have loose phenomenon. Family locks maintenance method 3, besides we often turn the lock body, lock is to a place where we often come into contact with, time is long, the key in the process of pull out plug will not smooth, so we need to lock also can add some lubricating its objects, lock, of course, is not able to add lubricant or some oil substances, therefore, we'd better choose to add some graphite powder is the pencil lead powder, it is able to lock the best lubricating effect. Family 4 locks maintenance method, in addition to the above maintenance method, we also need to regularly check the fitting clearance between the lock body and lock the gusset plate, and cooperate with gusset plate of lock and lock tongue gap between door and door frame, etc. , if the mismatch, we all need to make appropriate adjustments, otherwise easy to has certain security hidden danger, even will shorten the service life of locks. Family locks maintenance method 5, some friends send acerbity in door lock or tightness, often like to drop some oil in the keyhole, such, can lock quickly smooth, but because the oil is easy sticky ash, after the lock will slowly accumulated dust, easy to form oil be bored with child, and they make the door lock is more prone to failure, therefore, unless necessary, otherwise don't add lubricant net keyhole. Can cut pieces pencil or melted some candles, through a tube into the internal lock core, and then insert the key repeatedly turn several times. Family locks 6, some time, the maintenance method due to loose door leaf itself gravity causes or door, door leaf sinking, appear to lock the door or open the door is not smooth phenomenon. This time is often very difficult to open the door with a key, locking the door. At this time, not to twist the key, so as not to break off the key, increase the trouble. Should first check the reason. If it is caused by loose loose door leaf sinking, should be loose loose screwed tight. If frame deformation or the reasons lead to irreversible, but, from the perspective of the door frame, the lock tongue corresponding expansion, in this way, the door open closed can resume normal smooth. Family locks, how to choose and buy 1 choose well-known products, stable quality and good after-sales service enterprise; 2, check whether the identification of the purchased product packaging, logo is complete ( Including the execution of the standard, grade, production enterprise name, address, date of production) , whether the package is firm, instruction content and the product is consistent; 3, observing the appearance quality of the products, including locks, lock body, lock tongue, hand whether related to plate parts and fittings is complete, the chrome, colour and lustre is bright, evenly on the surface of the painting, without signs of rust, oxidation and broken; 4, check the product function is reliable, flexible, should choose comparing the product of two or more to check, when buying a two-way locks products, in particular, should be carried out with all the key internal and external locks respectively test the switch. Product situation, the insurance institutions should also check every lock tried at least three times above; 5, check the key bit situation, such as five key tooth, each key should not be less than three different key teeth, at the same time the first teeth, the fifth should try not to choose the most key tooth, benefit for the insertion of the key and not easily broken.
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