lunch box handle reinforcement

by:DIgao     2020-08-05
These metal lunch boxes made these days have very weekly metal labels that are folded into the box to keep the handle in place.
For my child, the handle often sticks out and lets the box fall to the ground, opens the box and flies the contents.
I decided to make this attachment a bit more robust.
No matter what mistakes I make, you can do better.
I decided to weld this joint.
My soldering iron is buried somewhere in my workshop, but I have a map gas torch and pipe flux at hand as well as lead-free soldering, so I went.
I knew there was a risk of burning paint, but I went there anyway.
I burned the paint.
If you want to do the same thing with the torch, turn the flame down a bit.
Also, be sure to have your lunch box facing you so that your welding will not run, but in the area you want.
If I were to get the metal lunch box handle again, I might try JB Weld.
If I want to weld it again (
I might do this if I don\'t have JB Weld around)
I will definitely dig out my soldering iron and have more local heating than the torch.
Overall it is more robust than before and I don\'t want to screw it up again.
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