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by:DIgao     2020-06-26
As a team of Cooper
When Hewitt National Design Museum visited the auto show earlier this week, a woman stopped before the Lincoln MKR design study and suddenly asked, \"Why didn\'t a concept car have a door handle?
She\'s right.
We never thought about it, but, to be sure, there are very few such things --
At the show, there are handles at gullwing or butterfly wing doors.
Some concepts, to be sure, have tiny chrome buttons or almost invisible gapsout handles.
So when we met Peter Horbury, the famous Ford design director, who led the team that designed the Lincoln concept, we asked him if it was true that the concept car never had a door handle.
\"This is true,\" he said . \"Horbury.
\"In the future, you will magically open the door by just touching the car.
\"This is true, sir.
Horbury suggested that, for the same reason, in sci\'s spaceship, the door magically openedfi films.
For the same reason, when Princess Leia or Han Solo approached a door in Star Wars, it silently opened the entrance to the supermarket.
That\'s why there\'s no door handle in \"2001\": the Space Odyssey, and why in any \"Star Trek\" TV show or movie, we can\'t recall finding anything as mundane as a button.
Designers seem reluctant to realize their grand vision with a handle in March.
Finding a style handle to match a higher field of view can be a challenge.
Mazda Hakaze concept car is inspired by the breeze blowing grass, running water and wind shaping sand dunes, what kind of handle is suitable for the car?
Branches or branches?
The future may not be too far.
Of course, the high-tech car lock system allows the car to recognize the electronic key at close range and unlock the car remotely.
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True Custom Kars, made in India since the 1950 s and presented at hot rods and kustom shows, never had a door handle.
They were shaved.
Do the words \"chop, slice, guide, shave your head, smooth, etc.
What\'s the point for you? Jay Hirschpub.
The author wrote many times on classic cars, motorcycles, vehicles, showing cars without door handles, mirrors, bumpers, or even engines and transmissions, depending on the seriousness of the intention to put into production.
They show the car.
Sometimes they are obviously producing.
Ready, sometimes they are as obvious as the designer\'s imagination and will never be produced.
But, I agree with the door handle-soon, we really don\'t need the door handle on the production car.
There will be-
If there is a power outage, you can get on the bus and start the manual system, that\'s it.
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