Locks, such as on the performance of maintenance?

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
Locks maintenance is the most main on performance, so what are the maintenance way? 1, in normal use process to form a good habit, closing a multi-layer best holding a hand lock, the lock tongue precession lock body, close the gun to lock the door before you let go, do not force into the door, or you will cut the using life of the lock. 2, when the main lock tongue or err on the side of the lock tongue out of the door is in vitro, cutting copper padlock not against collision, avoid lock tongue and door frame is damaged. 3, in the process of using locks, regularly in the keys when the plug is not smooth, inside the keyhole with graphite powder ( Pencil powder) On smooth effect, do not participate in any liquid oil substances as smooth agent, so as to avoid grease sticking billiard spring, lead to can't scroll locks and cannot open it. 4, because between the door and door frame on the sealing strip elastic effect, so in a handle or key lock is tight, can be together when the door opened opened the door with the hand or sliding door in order to overcome the elastic, not strong scroll handles or keys to open the door, to avoid cracking handle or key attack.
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