Locks industry the existing problems and development of the reform

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
For lock industry, the most important quality problem is the product safety. Locks don't have good quality, will bring the consumer the loss of personal and property security. People used to call lock products' through ', if the 'through' out of the question, therefore the loss won't be able to make up for. At present, the domestic locks are the three major quality problem that nots allow to ignore. One is the mutual opening rate. The national industry standard for locks mutual opening rate is ≦ 0 prescribed standards. 204%. Second, the lock tongue out of length. Stretch out the length of the lock tongue is another important indicator of locks protect density, diglossia inserted core of national standard door lock tongue extended length of not less than 12 mm, oblique tongue no less than 11 mm. Locks product quality problems caused by main reason has 3: the first is management. At present, the domestic lock manufacturing enterprises management level is uneven, large enterprises in strict accordance with the standard production of qualified and relative stable quality of products, but some small and medium-sized enterprises tend to ignore the quality management, basic no scientific technological process, production process and the lack of effective means of inspection; The second is technology. Process management has an extremely important role for guarantee the quality of lock products, backward production technology is a major cause of quality deterioration in lock products; The third is the personnel quality is low. Some enterprises did not equipped with relevant technical staff, production workers' cultural level is low, make in the production process of quality problem is hard to find. Traditional padlock by night lock. To install marbles, springs, to cut holes in the lock body, installed and use the paint package. Now, the international market popular naked padlock, brass, stainless steel, laminated locks, gun locks, a see will know that what is material. But this requires the reform of the system lock technology.
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