Locks in use process needs attention

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
1, pay attention to waterproof, the number of the lock tongue and keyhole can't water, prevent rust part, falling collectors' life spans. 2, when the hand to the lower limit of resistance increases, the lock has to open the door now thousand layer, the suspension force, prevent damage inside the lock body parts. 3, panel and hold hand cannot apply copper padlock corrosion products, such as paint, gasoline, etc. , please use soft and clean facial scrub during cleaning. 4, when the door is not closed and the tongue is stretched out, avoid is used a gun locking force shut down, prevent damage lock body parts. 5, at ordinary times should pay attention to adhere to the lock hole cleaning, prevent foreign bodies from entering the lock core hole, forming an open difficult, or even damage the lock. 6, locks in use process, often should check device screw is loose, if there are any loose to tighten in time, assure indoor security. 7, collectors in use process, if I found the keys when the plug is not smooth, can to the lock hole and a small amount of graphite powder or pencil, repair key plug is not smooth. But avoid by all means to the lock hole any oil lubricating oil, in order to prevent the grease sticking marbles, form the lock does not affect the rolling door open.
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