lockeyusa introduces new heavy-duty gate closer and hinge - the tb950 magnum.

by:DIgao     2020-08-17
Mount Pleasant, MI, September 13, 2013--(PR. com)--
The newly launched Lockey TB950 Magnum in 2013 is a hidden heavy-duty-
Hydraulic gate-
The closing system is designed to act as both a door closure and a hinge. Ideal for man-
TB950 Magnum is the perfect choice for doors and other heavy door systems for schools, airports, oil fields and other applications that require effective perimeter safety.
The TB950 has a speed adjustment of closing and locking speeds, providing consistent closing pressure to ensure smooth closing of the gate.
In addition, the door is closer/hinge 180-Degree of ability (swing-in/out)
When equipped with 180-Plate (Sold separately).
Up to 4 people
The foot of TB950 is wide and weighs 250 pounds without \"pinch\"
Point \", can be installed on the right and left-handed gates.
TB950 Magnum test is 1-
Million cycles that can run at temperatures of minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
TB950 Magnum is now available from LockeyUSA, which connects Lockey\'s existing Series of gate closure systems, including the TB100 turtle back door closer and the TB175 garden door closer, TB200/400/600 hydraulic gate closers and tb50/450/650 adjustable hydraulic gate closers.
For more information about LockeyUSA\'s latest closing System, please visit www. LockeyUSA. com/TB950-Magnum.
LockeyUSA was founded in 1989. LockeyUSA is a North American high school.
Premium door and gate hardware including keyless locks and hydraulic gate closures.
LockeyUSA has expanded significantly since 1989 and this growth is a product of the company\'s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.
LockeyUSA\'s mission is to simplify and enhance the security of doors and doors by manufacturing products that address the challenges and inconvenience associated with traditional door and door hardware.
Learn more on www. LockeyUSA. com.
Contact: LockeyUSA Evan Crawford 989-953-
Contact 4133 by email lockeyusa.
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