lion\'s lair: hamilton company creates user-friendly smart home technology

by:DIgao     2020-06-27
Nick Tonkin came to develop his new app because of a task his wife left him on honey --do list. The Hamilton-
His non-web-based developers were askedvery-tech-
The savvy wife set the timer on the tank. He forgot.
Then he got into trouble.
\"The way to solve this problem is to let her do it,\" Tomkin thought . \".
He said his wife was just not interested in learning how to use some household items and wanted to develop something that would make her life easier at home.
Its by-product is Synxer, an app that can control household appliances on a smartphone or tablet and is easy to use.
This means that Tomkin\'s wife can open the tank by pressing a button on the phone.
For Tomkin, this also means less time in the kennel. .
Brian Banks, president of Synxer, explained that the app communicates with elements around the home
Thermostat, door lock and socket-
WiFi-via the \"Z wave\" protocol-based system.
This is how it works.
Launch the app to view the image of the room in your home.
The user can place an icon in the room indicating a light switch or a power outlet.
From there, all users need to click on their screen to activate the switch or socket.
\"This is to improve efficiency and convenience,\" the bank said . \"
Synxer will eliminate all hardware that controls home items individually, such as garage door opener and fixtures, he saidfriendly.
The app faces homeowners between 25-
The bank says the 55-year-old will not be too far away from their smartphones.
\"Typical\" Synxer family set-
To control a thermostat, door lock and five outlets, the price of a house of about 2000 square feet is about $2500, the bank said.
The bank says this simplifies the need for multiple remotes and saves thousands of copies for hardware and installation.
Tomkin and business partner Rob House founded Synxer two years ago.
The two men also run their own network and application development company Orbital, so it\'s a slow but stable process to get Synxer to land.
\"Nick has always been a technology enthusiast,\" Banks said of his colleagues . \".
Tang Jin, born and raised in Hamilton, is a self.
Web developers interested in simplifying each day.
\"I really like to make life easier for people,\" Tomkin said . \".
\"I always say, \'technology saved the day.
\"Since the birth of the Internet, he has been working in this industry, about 1995.
House entered the industry in a completely different way.
He wanted to go back to school and his wife suggested studying computer programming at George Brown College in Toronto, where several of her friends studied.
\"I didn\'t even have a computer at the time,\" the Cambridge native said . \".
\"I found out I had a trick.
House and Tomkin work in Hamilton
Their clicks are implemented.
They launched orbit about a year ago.
For Synxer, Tomkin is in charge of the development and House is in charge of the background web architecture.
Foreign nationals from the province of SA, banks, came here later in the game.
The business-savvy president has been working with small technology companies for more than a decade.
He met House and Tomkin at a networking event, hoping they would need some help.
\"I found them,\" he said . \"
\"I think they have a very good chance.
\"House and Tomkin did need help.
From there, the three became the Synxer team.
\"We are really in the early stages,\" Banks said . \".
Synxer is installed in two locations: the home and track office of Tomkin.
The bank will soon install it in his home as well.
There are so many variables in life
Baby sitter, grandparents
The bank said it was easy to relax control of housing.
Synxer gives control back to the homeowner.
As a user and a member of the Synxer team, Banks said: \"Convenience is my driver . \".
He also believes that in addition to the price, Synxer has a competitive advantage over other smart home options.
The interface is customizable and users can take photos for each room so they can see the exact location and content they open.
The feature also familiarized users with the software, Banks said.
The app also includes GPS technology that allows the user to set the timer according to the location.
\"When I get home from work, at this intersection, it is prompted to turn on the lane lights,\" Banks said . \".
Banks say they are looking for partners to help Synxer commercialize.
Home builders who may be looking for energy saving options are on their list.
What\'s more energy efficient than making sure the lights are only used when you want them, he added?
\"The app has eco-friendly features
\"A friendly perspective,\" Banks said, attracting their target audience.
The Synxer app may be brand new, but it has made progress.
Tomkin said that he and House showed their products on the software Hamilton\'s Democamp 4 and received favorable comments.
\"We have a standing ovation for this,\" Tomkin said . \".
\"We have been told that this is one of the best --
Demo received
\"As the Synxer team continues to grow their business, they appreciate the thriving community of entrepreneurs around them.
\"This is a very exciting time in Hamilton,\" Banks said . \".
Synxer is a company with global opportunities, the bank said.
As long as there is an Internet connection, it is software that can be used anywhere in the world.
Although they are now walking step by step, they are ambitious, House said.
Such success is good news for Hamilton.
\"We can build a knowledge base in Hamilton for Hamilton, Ontario, Canadians and North Americans,\" Banks said . \".
The bottom line for these people is that they have developed a simple, affordable solution to control your home.
\"Smart home technology needs to be something that users can get right away,\" he said . \".
\"People just want it to work at the end of the day.
It will never forget to open the tank.
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