Lighten the way of the luster of the metal coat hooks

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
Improve the luster of the metal clothes peg solution contains two aspects of meaning, on the one hand is progressive metal coat hooks products outward appearance luster, known as the bright modification; On the other hand is falling metal coat hooks products outward appearance luster, become extinction modification. The kinds of metal clothes since it is so heavy and complicated, their function and variability, therefore, often use the selection from plastic to metal clothes guess many functions of balanced consideration ( Includes technology and capital) And some functional data such as wear resistance, impact can not be completely speculation about its use, and sometimes lack of accurate formula, strong planning, therefore, most of the metallic clothing material selection process is relatively complex. In order to pick out the function and processing technology are fit appropriately use requirements, and to get as far as possible the amount of material use requires the kinds of selection system, inductive analysis method to select material. Metal clothes hook brighten up the specific measures in addition to the reasonable selection of material, and add a bright way, blending toughening method bright and morphology control brighten up, molding equipment finish handling, secondary processing lighten the way and the method of coating appearance brighten up etc. This article to hang, shelves, hooks and buckle clasps, sticky hook, S hook, socks and other professional products yield effect, product appearance improvement. Metal clothes selection of material, metal clothing material can be divided into two major categories of resins and additives. Generally thought that the following resin corresponding products gloss is better melamine resin, ABS, PP, HIPS, PA, POM, PMMA, PPO, etc. , during which two kinds of melamine resin and ABS gloss the most outstanding.
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