Learn to insist on any one thing, to do metal clothes hook is no exception

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
Year, preparations for the year of the Shanghai fort 'is being released on the mainland, but it was in a lot of fans of irony and criticism, is said to be bad! And director of Shanghai fortress on weibo apologized and said 'wandering the earth opened a door of China's science fiction,' fortress in Shanghai 'to shut again, he did not want to close the Chinese sci-fi doors, thanks to actors, investors and the audience. Is not all efforts to return, but you won't because of this time did not return, it no longer. At present Shanghai fortress douban score only. , only. %, attendance is only. %, miserably to bet! Actually who is to blame? Many fans say the actor's acting is not in place, especially Lu Han, a lot of people scold Lu Han party why choose as starring, ruined a good movie, the film from the premiere, started a few years ago today, in view of the malicious is never interrupted Lu Han, tell you why now in those days wandering the earth and Shanghai fort project successively, two projects are facing the same dilemma, no big lady, willing to need blessings to flow, but no one believe that China can make your own to science fiction, wandering the earth flow of a selected artists took three days out of the later is QuChu shaw to temporary substitute, but Lu Han believe, when Shanghai fortress to find him he is a promise, you should also know how much a few years ago he fire. Lu Han very hard all the time, has been holding on to your dream, it may be process, the process of hard is a good thing, in fact do every thing, must learn to persevere, metal coat hooks is not exceptional also, as we do unconsciously adhere to the years, several products from the beginning to now have dozens of products, one kind of product has a variety of styles, we didn't have such achievement, is to insist on down, of course, little also not trust of our clients, we constantly to research and development, to produce metal clothes hook, quality improvement, customer satisfied with our efforts were not in vain, so it is important to insist on! Finally, China's science fiction is not easy, the Chinese science fiction has been progress, Chinese science fiction! Shanghai fortress!
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